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Nutlings are the weresquirrels of the classic World of Darkness. They are the custodians of the future, ensuring events unfold in the most favorable ways to prepare for the approaching Final Winter.


  • Homid: born human
  • Scurvid: born squirrel
  • Metis: twins, one Homid and the other Scurvid

A Metis Nutling character is created as normal, then all ratings are reduced by half, though rounding up. The dots that are removed from the "normal" sheet are moved to a second sheet - the twin's; this should result in a slightly weaker character, as dots are rounded down. The Storyteller then plays the role of the Nutling's twin (unless another player wishes to play the weaker half). Any change from spending experience in the stronger requires a change in the weaker as well - the weaker twin can never be more than one dot lower in anything than the stronger - but if they both earn experience at the same rate, that shouldn't be impossible. The pair must always stick together, for if they get too far apart, they start to grow even weaker, taking a level of psychic damage for every hour they are apart. Seven levels of psychic damage means both halves are rendered unconscious - until they have been brought back together long enough to heal a level of psychic damage. Each level heals at a rate of one per hour, so long as the twins are with each other.


Instead of depending on Luna or Helios for Auspices, Nutling Auspices are based on the five classic astrological planets:

  • Mercury: Hermean Roadnuts are guides, messengers, and spies
  • Venus: Aphrodiac Nutters are companions, entertainers, and psychologists
  • Mars: Aresus Nut-Flingers are warriors, motivators, and analysts
  • Jupiter: ZeuJu Nutcrackers are interrogators, instructors, and scholars
  • Saturn: Chro-nan Nut-Wives are negotiators, gossips, and prophets

Each Nutling's Auspice is determined not by when they were born, but rather by the time of their First Change. There is a high-level Rite known only to a few squirrel folk that allows young Nutlings to prepare for this change by predicting which Auspice they'll Change under. The planetary influences aren't felt based on the time of year or month, however, but by the day of the week! Tuesday goes to Mars, Wednesday to Mercury, Thursday to Jupiter, Friday to Venus, and Saturday to Saturn. What of Sunday and Monday, you ask? Well, as those belong to Helios and Luna, respectively, these two days are anything-goes so far as First Change and Auspices. This leaves a certain degree of mystery even for those Nutlings who've undergone the Rite, as they might have their First Change on the day ruled by their Auspice, or it might be Sunday or Monday instead.


Squirrel folk don't have Tribes, not having the attention spans to form such divides, but they do have one form of division beyond Breed and Auspice. Each Nutling has a Style, a way they approach their duty to Gaia to guide and nurture the world in preparation for the Final Winter.

  • Doers: The active make-things-happen types
  • Sayers: Those who share their insights openly, no matter whether people believe or are even listening
  • Seers: Those who prefer to observe and understand, then share with Doers and Sayers to act upon


  • Homid: human
  • Scurvid: squirrel
  • Squinos: war-form