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Luna is a wandering keyboardist who travels from place to place with little rhyme or reason other than bring her music to the masses. She used to be in a band that broke up over creative differences. At least that's the story she's sticking with, but her one goal is to form another band if she can find people who are interesting enough. Luna's weapon of choice is her modified keytar the Ax-Edge, a large crusher class weapon that she plays in and out of combat. When the need arises she can use it as a powerful weapon to deal a high amount of damage. Luna avoids getting into personal details about her life, but has mentioned having 4 kids 3 of which went missing. If this is something that bothers her she doesn't show it, but will generally try to not be responsible for people who seem childlike.





Early life[edit]

Luna was part of the band known as the Hex Girls, a goth porg pop act, for a number of years. The band was fairly successful with two gold record albums and several highly rated EPs before they suddenly disappeared off the face of the music world. Before that Luna worked as a small time circus magician doing card tricks.

Marriage and Motherhood[edit]

After the breakup of the Hex Girls Luna tried settling down and even got married to Jackolopian Fast Eddie. They had 4 kids, but due to Luna's predisposition for chaotic behavior this did not last long. Out of her 4 kids she says 3 went missing, but what is most likely to have happened is that she probably left them to their own devices so they could experience the world without anyone coloring their opinions. This most likely the case as those three were also Jesters like rather than Jackolopian like their father. The last one she simply left in the care of Eddie before going back on the road.

Current Day and Barnabus Conspiracy[edit]

The recent events of winding up at a beach with rest of the Hotbloods has prompted her to tell everyone about Barnabus. She believes that beach sand is hive mind life form that can only communicate on sub sonic frequencies that people can't hear normally. This life form as she explains has infiltrated the cyber papacy at the highest echelons in order to enact its plan of turning all non silica based life to glass. She believes that there are people who can hear Barnabus in the cyber papacy and the reason given as to why they can hear it is that they've already been partially glassed. Luna claims to also be able to hear Barnabus because of hearing being damaged in just the right way. It should be said that to date she has not be able to produce evidence for these claims.