Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 9

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The Blyatmobile approaches a violet dome of sigils! The dome is over Witch Town. They stop just outside the barrier, and pull Drow out of the trunk, where he proceeds to rant and scream at our heroes. Everyone except Adell, who is carrying Drow, enters town easily, but Drow can't get through, so Adell stays behind to wait while everyone else tries to find someone to take Drow off their hands. Claire approaches the group, and Joe proceeds to poke her breasts: "Someday, I want boobs like that! How do I get my boobs to be that big?!!!" They then proceed to explain that they need access to a jail for Drow. So Claire then goes and retrieves Merlina, who our heroes lead to Adell at the edge of town for prisoner transfer. After Drow is hauled off to the jail, the protection barrier falls apart. The group runs out to face the attackers, which turn out to be a horde of skeletons.

  • Alrik smacks the first one he runs into
  • Adell breathes fire at all but one of the skeletons on one half of the battlefield
  • Joe grabs Finn, runs toward the skeletons, and tosses Finn into their midst
  • Finn opens fire, hitting all but the one directly in front of him, shattering all the ones that caught fire
  • The skeletons attack, missing everyone
  • Alrik smacks the nearest one with his claws, shattering him
  • Finn opens fire again, hitting all but the one in front of him again
  • Adell burns most of the rest of that remaining skeleton
  • Joe jumps off Adell's back with a spinning drop-kick, connecting but not finishing the job
  • The remaining skeleton attacks Adell with a feint, but Adell absorbs all the damage
  • Alrik and Finn both attack and connect ("Dodge this, fuckboy!")

As the battle ends, the dome has been restored. The group returns to town to meet up with Merlina and see what happened. They suspect Gorgon, who recently went rogue. The group commits to taking care of Gorgon so the town can be safer again. But first, time to rest up!

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