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Welcome to our part one of our first-ever Hotbloods/Coldbloods crossover, Operation: Blood Feud!

We start with a recap, because we always do, but this time it includes some details from a bit of "downtime" RP, stuff that happened between episodes off the air. Specifically, Sharkman ends up forcing Joe back into the Legalization Machine while Alrik and Ri relieve each other's tension. When they eventually finish in the crew cabin, Ri comes out to repair the machine and reverse the aging-up process. This is important information to have as it sets the scene for the start of this episode.

We open on the machine falling open, Joe emerging from the smoke back as her usual self, pissed at Finn for forcing her back into the machine. Alrik, meanwhile, goes topside to get Claire to leave Adell alone, then approaches the bow. Around this time is when Joe storms up topside to pout in a corner, drawing attention to herself by sighing loudly, repeatedly. Alrik discusses Joe's anger with her, trying to defuse the situation. He manages to succeed. In an effort to maintain the newly restored good mood, Adell offers to let her drive the ship.

We hard cut to the boat laying sideways on a beach. They determine that the bus needs more attention than the ship. Ri gets to work on repairing it to the best of his ability, trying to decide what parts they'll need to acquire. Adell rips the engine out of the bus to show off that he can, causing Ri to be annoyed. Alrik and Joe wander off (with Luna in tow), heading for the nearest town to get parts, while the other three stay with the bus: Ri to repair as much as possible, Adell and Finn to ward off any dangers that might come up. The last we hear from Alrik and Joe is that Alrik is apparently a good ride, which flusters the werewolf to no end.

As Adell searches for Finn, he finally spots a figure atop the wrecked ship - it's Finn, wearing a mankini with skull and crossbones over the groin, the straps saying "Arrr". Adell agrees that a beach day makes sense, and removes his own shirt, rolling his pants up. Ri moans, although nobody notices. They are attempting to figure out what to do with their newfound free time when they hear screaming over the next dune. It's Lily, Allister, Lassiter, and Gus of the Coldbloods! The Hotbloods offer to help. Eventually, Ri gets called over to investigate the issues with the limo, and Lily comments "Finally, a reliable bunny!" It is noted, however briefly, how unusual it is to find three male Jackalopians in one place outside Utah, though Lassiter has wandered off to run a shell scheme before this point. But things quickly move on from there. Adell hops into the water while Finn goes to find a volleyball; Lily changes her clothing into a swimsuit while Allister removes his outer layers to reveal a rather horrible bathing suit of his own. Ri continues investigating the limo's engine troubles when suddenly Allister decides to inquire about his cybernetics. Questions are asked and answered in such a way that neither catches on to the fact they have anything in common, never mind that they are supposedly mortal enemies at this point.

This is the point where a volleyball comes screaming at Mach speeds at Allister's head. He reflects it back the way it came without even a glance, and Finn ends up pummeled on the ground. They (that is, everyone present except Ri) decide to play volleyball, and Finn spends the next hour or so assembling an arena for them to play in. They flip a coin, and the Hotbloods are up first!

  • Adell serves!
  • Allister activates a spell to punt the ball to Lily, but the ball slips through
  • Lily dives in to save it but misses
  • Finn comments "Oh, extreme rules!" and summons clones
  • Allister summons extra tentacles to assist his side
  • Adell serves again!
  • Lily jumps in to intercept, but misses
  • Allister dives, and creates a mirror bowl to bounce it back to the other side
  • Finn tries to intercept with one of the water clones, but fails
  • Adell attempts to block, and also fails
  • Lily serves with a blood tentacle
  • Finn intercepts, spiking it back over the net
  • Allister reflects it back
  • Adell manages to send it back the other way
  • Allister reflects it again, though only barely
  • Adell uses a fire shield to increase his power, smacking it back again
  • Allister attempts once more to reflect, but it fails; the Hotbloods high-five
  • Allister serves, casting Mind Lock on the Hotbloods; they see themselves intercept a ball that isn't actually there, while the real ball flies past their defenses
  • Lily serves!
  • Finn uses Lightning Step to intercept the ball, bumping it to Adell
  • Adell pops the ball down at the other side
  • Allister and Lily create a net of shadow and blood to catch and return the ball, successfully
  • Adell pops the ball back
  • Lily tries to intercept, but only taps it a bit
  • Allister lobs it back over the net
  • Finn busts out the new Sharkman form, which is somehow flying, and jabs at the ball with a burst of air to get it into Adell's reach better
  • Adell rapid-meteor-punches the ball, but it hits the net, creating a hole

This is when Lassiter returns. Lassiter joins the Coldbloods' team, so Ri ends up being dragged into the game as well, now that there's nothing really left to do with the engines anyway. They decide to play until 5 (or maybe 6) points.

  • Lassiter serves with his card trick
  • Ri blocks, sending it upwards
  • Finn pops the ball over the net
  • Allister and Lily collaborate on a return
  • Adell blocks it back over the net
  • Allister reflects it back again
  • Adell uses a meteor-headbutt, but Allister swaps places before he has a chance
  • Allister pops it down on the Hotblood side of the net
  • Ri pops it back over with his antlers
  • Lassiter and Lily work together to barely hit the ball back
  • Finn sends a jetstream of water at the ball, but it fails
  • Allister fills the ball with Shadow magic, then spikes the ball over the net
  • All three Hotbloods move in to return the ball in unison
  • Allister uses Mind Lock again to place them all on a dark backdrop, but not to otherwise alter their perception of anything else; they create a monster of blood and darkness with Lassiter in the fist, and hit the ball back
  • The Hotbloods use their Null Strike to send the ball back over the net via the distant sky, which then hits the ground with an explosion of Hotblooded energy

And that's where we leave it, with a score of 4-3 Coldbloods!

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