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We start the episode with Captain Neckbeard tossing Joe to his deckhands to take below to the Legalization Machine, to see if she is The Eternal Loli. Finn sets the Hotbloods' ship on a collision course with Neckbeard's, and combat begins as soon as they collide!

  • Alrik uses his beast claws against one of the deckhands
  • Neckbeard powers up an aura of destruction around himself
  • Ri runs away from the fighting to try to regain control of the ship and make sure it doesn't drift away
  • Adell powers up and takes to the air
  • Finn grabs the rigging and swings over to Neckbeard's ship, accompanied by five clones that arrive in a wave, who then all power up
  • The deckhands caught in Neckbeard's aura of destruction quickly leave it to preserve themselves against the pain
  • The remaining deckhands attack the Hotbloods on Neckbeard's ship (so Alrik, Adell, and the Finns), destroying two Finn clones
  • Luna powers up the Hotbloods with extra attack power
  • Alrik powers up a bit more and attacks the deckhand again, but misses this time
  • Neckbeard powers up more, with a ridiculous laugh
  • Ri tags in Thousand Island, who uses a Holy Bubble Barrage on most of the deckhands. Then Ri charges in and converts one of the deckhands to paste
  • Adell sets a good portion of the deckhands on fire, killing several
  • The Finn clones open fire on every deckhand in sight, killing everyone on Neckbeard's deck except Neckbeard himself
  • Actual Finn climbs up to where he can see Neckbeard, then opens fire on him directly, but Neckbeard blocks
  • Luna relocates slightly, converts her keytar into a weapon, and attacks Neckbeard, who takes appreciable damage
  • Alrik heads over toward Neckbeard and shifts to wolf form
  • Neckbeard complains about the loss of deckhands, then attacks Luna, who manages to evade
  • Ri tags in Jose, who uses his "Next you will say" ability to predict Neckbeard's next comment: "Why won't you leave me alone? I'm totally not a pedophile!"; Neckbeard is stunned for a round! Ri then goes below to try to find Joe
  • Adell follows, turning off Salamander Cloak to avoid burning them both inside the ship's interior
  • Finn powers up a bit and shifts to Shark form, while the clones move
  • Luna takes a moment to recover Myth
  • Alrik charges in and attacks Neckbeard, knocking the wind out of him
  • Finn anchor attacks Neckbeard into the deck, forcing him back into human form

The shark spirit within Neckbeard leaves him, moving instead to Finn. Finn finishes off the pirate with an overkill anchor blow to the chest, while Alrik runs below to help find Joe, leaving Finn to put out the fires. Ri steps out of Alrik's path as the wolf barrels through, and Adell sidesteps for the same reason. They all arrive at the room where the Legalization Machine is kept, with Joe inside. Alrik demands they get her out, and it gets shut down. That's not good enough for the wolf, so he runs over and rips the door off, freeing the aged-up jester from the device. Confusion ensues. Joe comes to, in Alrik's arms, and notices her new boobs. She starts running around the ship shouting with glee. They eventually return topside and discover the fire is worse - Finn has been punching it to try to put it out. They resolve to tilt the boat enough to bring seawater aboard and extinguish the fires, which manages to succeed. Adell starts to strip to get the water out of his clothes, distracting Alrik and Ri in the process. Finn retrieves the bus while Joe looks for a mirror. Much hilarity ensues involving Joe wanting bigger boobs, and Alrik trying to explain why that's a bad plan at the moment, culminating in Adell punching Claire. This is when the bus arrives back on deck, Finn close behind, defusing the situation cleanly. They decide they need to get back on task, as we close the episode.

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