Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 20

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The group arrives at a small town to gas up! The sound of music reaches them, causing an overwhelming need to dance. Only Ri and Joe manage to resist the effects, the others joining the conga line. Claire warns the group they need to find the Chords of Power before losing sense completely. The Skambies notice the two not dancing, and sic the dancers on them. So Joe grabs Ri, and does a super hero kick that propels the pair out of town to safety. They land at the feet of Luna, and Joe immediately freaks out over seeing another Jester! She then proceeds to list all the characters in the group as her personal collection, before asking Luna to play a song for them, which she does. It turns out that, conveniently, Luna happens to know the Chords of Power! So they proceed back to the town, Ri shaking his head to the banter of the Jesters. It's at this point they arrive, to the onslaught of the Skambies' music. Joe super kicks her way through the air again, trying to attack the Skambies directly, but misses, landing on Finn's shoulders instead. Luna starts playing the Chords of Power, and the group is freed!

  • Joe powers up
  • Ri powers up as well
  • The Skambies open fire with a Banshee Scream! Only Adell takes any damage

(( At this point, the stream broke, so the rest of the battle was suspended until next episode. ))

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