Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 16

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Adell scoops Finn and Liam up from the crumbling bridge they're on, and flies toward the site of Alrik's battle. BugBug grabs Jo in the center of a cannonball dive toward the rest of the group. Adell barely manages to scoop the two out of the air like a raptor scoops up a fish. The entire group glides more than flies down the rest of the way, crashing through the hole in the roof. Alrik sobs, holding his brother's corpse. Noticing the group, he goes defensive for a moment, until he recognizes who they are, and relaxes. Jo offers a hug, which Alrik accepts numbly. After a moment of respectful silence, Finn breaks in. "On yer feet." He argues, hotbloodedly, that they need to finish what they started by coming here. Eventually, he gets through Alrik's sorrow.

That's when a drone enters, assessing the room. Hole in the roof: "Broken." Busted up pipes: "Broken." Trion's body: "Broken." BugBug seizes the drone, using it to send an ultimatum to Viktor. Five other drones see this happen, just outside the room, and turn to flee. Finn reflexively shoots them all out of the air, then tosses a busted drone to Ri to get a map. Ri cybernetically connects to the drone to do so. The schematic comes up! Levels 1-15 are just machinery, though 7 is strictly forbidden. 16 and 17 are where the machinery is made, 18 is where the werewolves are kept, 19 is for the scientists, 20 is the labs, 21 and 22 are for "feeding stock", 23-28 are more machinery, 29 is the throne room, and 30 is the top floor. The group decides to descend from where they are on level 13 to level 7, to see why the level is forbidden.

That's when Alrik notices Liam, and takes over carrying him. Adell helps Ri to his feet again, and they locate an elevator, which takes them down to level 7, but the door refuses to open. BugBug tries to open the doors, then gives over to Adell to rip the doors out of their mounts. The floor is very dark, with pulsing green light that looks as though it's running through technological "veins" to a central location in the floor itself. As the group nears the center, Viktor appears before them. Alrik strikes immediately, but Viktor isn't even fazed as the hit goes through the space he's occupying without doing any damage. Viktor asks the group to "Follow me", which Alrik understandably resists. Finn opens fire, with similar results to what Alrik encountered, though there is a tiny trickle of blood on the back of his head. Viktor warns the group that if there's a third attack, "there will never be a fourth". Alrik attacks again, but this time Viktor simply teleports away. The group decides they have little choice but to follow. At the elevator, Viktor waits passively for the group to follow him inside. Finally, after a vow of everyone's safety, they enter and ascend to level 29.

Viktor leads the group to his throne in the center of the craft. A small collection of drones bring Trion's body into the room, and Viktor resurrects him. Alrik collapses. Finn asks for Alrik's forgiveness as he aims and shoots Trion's brains out. Viktor finally cedes that he won't return Trion to life, but he has a proposition. He'll return the werewolves and their feeding stock in exchange for a single member of the Edge Eight, Valucia. She is a vampire he needs for an experiment. To further cement his point, he calls out "his" Alpha, Alrik's father. He offers to undo the changes he's made to Alrik's father as part of the bargain, and Alrik finally agrees to the terms. Viktor shows them their target, along with her two companions in the Eight, so they'll know their target when they see her. Alrik reluctantly hands Liam off to Viktor's care, with a kiss to the temple.

Alrik stiffly returns to the elevator, Ri storming closely behind. Jo asserts that "You are a bad man!", before following. BugBug follows next, then Adell, and finally Finn. The elevator returns the group to level 15, and the hole blown in the side of the craft. We close on a line from Ri: "So, how are we gonna get down from here?"

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