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We open the session with two flashbacks.

 One of the UwUs enters the springs area sobbing about the hole in the middle of town. Ri resolves that he's not doing this as a favor anymore - this is personal.
 After Rose leaves, Finn and Adell spot the red cyberwolf on their way back to the springs. It acts like it's in pain, then takes off back the way it came.

The group encounters a handful of robot guards! Finn chucks the remains of the exploded bus at them, but they block it by rolling it off their shields. Battle start!

  • Alrik charges in and power-attacks one, nearly taking its arm off
  • Finn destroys one with a lightning infused anchor
  • Ri attacks from the distance with a distortion of reality, damaging the first one slightly more
  • Adell finishes it off with a fireball fist
  • The robots attempt to attack the nearby group members, but miss entirely
  • Alrik attacks one of the robots, but it manages to block
  • Finn destroys it into a wall
  • Ri uses his reality slice again, damaging one slightly
  • Adell triple-punches it into scrap
  • The final remaining robot tries to attack, but fails hard
  • Alrik decimates the last one with his claws

Liam interrupts post-fight conversation, accompanied by four other cyberwolves, one of them the red, Jareth. The groups snarl at each other, and Finn tosses a robot corpse toward them. Something bursts onto the scene, knocking Alrik through the floor, a couple of levels down. Liam shifts to dragon form! The other wolves jump down to face our heroes.

  • Liam strikes with a cone of blue lightning, hitting everyone in reach (so everyone but Alrik)
  • One of the wolves attacks Finn, but gets a mouthful of anchor instead
  • A second one goes for Adell, who grabs its teeth
  • A third goes for Ri, who jumps out of the way

Alrik comes to, Trion handing him a syringe, wanting a fair fight. Alrik resists the offer, while Trion explains what's been happening to them under Viktor's rule. Eventually, Trion just uses the syringe on Alrik himself.

  • Finn slaps one cyberwolf off the bridge with an anchor
  • Ri tries to attack another, but nearly loses a hand in the process
  • Adell lights on fire, and punches his cyberwolf hard
  • Liam tries to lift Finn off the bridge telepathically, but Finn hangs on too tightly

The other folks from the bus are currently fighting other cyberwolves and clockwork soldiers

  • One wolf attacks Finn, but misses
  • A second wolf attacks Adell, but he blocks
  • The fourth attacks Ri, but he dodges
  • Finn knocks his cyberwolf into the abyss, then moves to the base of the column holding everything together
  • Ri attacks Jareth, doing a small amount of damage
  • Adell triple-punches Jareth over the railing, leaving just the one cyberwolf

Meanwhile, far below:

  • Alrik attacks, and Trion's block fails
  • Trion power-attacks back with lightning
  • Alrik attacks and hits again
  • Trion heals himself somewhat
  • Alrik attacks and hits again
  • Trion attacks back, Alrik dodging
  • Alrik shifts to wolf form
  • Trion, still regenerating slowly, switches to his own wolf form, which looks mostly human

Back above:

  • Liam tries to levitate Finn again, but Finn digs into the pillar to hang on tight
  • The final cyberwolf tries to attack Finn's ass, but Finn grabs it and tosses it to the bridge
  • Finn tosses himself onto Liam's back with creative application of the anchor against a nearby bridge, doing some damage to Liam in the process and dragging him downward
  • Ri charges the remaining cyberwolf, doing some decent damage
  • Adell flies up to Liam and flame punches a head
  • Liam attacks both Finn and Adell psychically, then flies up out of Adell's range
  • The cyberwolf attacks, but Ri dodges
  • Finn grabs Liam and steers him through the anchor embedded in the pillar, retrieving the anchor in the process
  • Ri regenerates a bit
  • Adell regenerates as well

Down below:

  • Alrik attacks Trion again, doing damage that's more lasting
  • Trion attacks, but Alrik blocks, pushing the claws away
  • Alrik attacks back, taking another large chunk
  • Trion regenerates effectively
  • Alrik throws his spirit into another attack, to prove that he's worthy to be the new Alpha
  • Trion attacks, but Alrik manages to block easily
  • Alrik tries to attack again, but Trion manages to block this time - "You got cocky, brother"
  • Trion attacks back, connecting hard
  • Alrik lands a final blow, blitzing past, and Trion falls to the ground, losing his cybernetic arm in the process

Above again:

  • Liam psychically attacks Finn, Adell, and Ri at once, knocking Ri out
  • Finn drags Liam down to the bridge the others are on
  • Adell finishes Liam off, though not killing him

The bridge collapses! Adell catches Ri before any more damage can be done to the poor bunny. Finn cushions Liam's landing with his shark body, then reverts to human form. The final cyberwolf falls to its death.

Trion begs Alrik to finish him off. It takes a lot of convincing, but finally, Alrik concedes.

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