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We open with Alrik, Joe, and Ri in the springs, and the others out in town. BugBug has saved his UwU from her attacker, but also saw more detail about the vanishing portion of town and how it was done. As Finn gets dressed, BugBug asks Adell "What happened to your girlfriend?", and the intact members of the group head off to search for survivors, including Rose.

The search party starts at the crater left behind by the vanishing. Adell and Finn start to chat some about their likes and dislikes, which turns to backstory exposition. They turn back to the search and rescue, and notice Jacob and an UwU sitting not far away. The group decides the vanished townsfolk are probably in Hollowgrove, causing Jacob to break down further, thinking he should have heeded the Fearsayer's warnings. BugBug begins giving a hotblooded speech to Jacob, and then the group notices Wheelchair Sensei approaching in the far distance, switching priorities for Finn and BugBug at least. Finn heads off to warn the others at the spring. This is the point where Adell and BugBug notice Rose spying on them. BugBug retrieves her and brings her to the rest of the group, Rose plotting with BugBug's help to set up a "romantic" evening of "spaghetti and bondage". Adell agrees to this arrangement, having overheard the entire exchange, then pulls Rose aside to discuss their differences. It becomes a glorious "lovers' quarrel" over right and wrong approaches to life. It ends with Rose stalking away, revealing that someone named Viktor is behind the disappearances.

Back at the springs, Ri shares more detail about his history. Alrik realizes they have something in common when Ri reveals that most of his cybernetics were installed against his will. This is when Finn shows up, popping out of the water. Alrik suggests pushing Wheelchair Sensei off a cliff, prompting Ri to ask what he did to them to suggest such a thing. Finn gives Alrik a hotblooded speech, and they resolve to get back on the move to avoid their Sensei, and to head off to Hollowgrove to find and take down Viktor. Jacob offers to join them, providing a bus to transport everyone.

When they arrive, they see the town has taken heavy damage, and that there is a giant floating inverted city hovering directly above it. As soon as they're close enough, Adell takes a makeshift ramp to jump up to the city. They're not quite going to make it, so BugBug, Finn, Alrik, Joe, and Adell exit to lift the bus the rest of the way!

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