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The group drives the Blyatmobile to Camp Edgewolf Moon Moon! They are greeted by a group of UwU-Furry wolves, which they don't take to well. Claire runs up into a tree, where BugBug attempts to coax her down. The thotwolves carry Alrik off to the healing springs, while Finn follows. Adell feels eyes, but doesn't quite notice the source. BugBug takes damage when Claire insists on not coming down, and ends up carried off to the springs himself. They encounter a "sexy space ranger bunny man", Mahonrimoriancumer ("but you can call me Ri"), who was just told to look for the Fearsayer. The Camp members attempt to capture Moon Moon, but he's too fast to catch. Finn attempts to rescue Alrik from being carried away, taking over the carrying himself. The entire group, Ri included, ends up at the hot spring.

Alrik and Finn enter one pool, and the healing starts to kick in almost immediately. Finn makes Alrik deeply uncomfortable about his sexuality in the process, but they manage to resolve that with more space between them. Alrik shares why he left home. Finn detects the smell of another werewolf nearby, and pops out of the water partway to check it out, further distorting the sexual confusion.

Meanwhile, Joe cannonballs into the spring, convincing Adell to follow suit. Ri focuses on his search for the Fearsayer, and ends up heading to an adjacent pool. Joe follows, and Adell attempts to do the same, but ends up knocked out instead. Joe wants to know Ri's backstory, but he manages to get her to share hers, first.

Adell, meanwhile, "wakes up" cuffed to a table, where Rose begins whipping him over being kicked out of the Edge Eight. Back in reality, Rose is trying to drag Adell away from the pools, which BugBug notices and offers to help, thinking she's his girlfriend. He takes them to the springs again, where the water breaks her spell. Adell is pissed, at first, then changes his mind to appeal to her emotions instead, seductively. It works, and Rose passes out from embarrassment.

Ri and Joe reach the pool where Alrik and Finn are meeting up with Iossa. Iossa doesn't like the fact that Alrik has been cybered, fearful that Alrik has been changed in personality as well as body. He shares more of his story with her to prove he's still the same. This is where she tells him the fate of his family, and that Camp Moon Moon is probably next. Which it is, as the howling begins. Everyone not dressed gets dressed, except Finn who just goes Shark Mode, as they all head to the edge of town to defend it from whatever has arrived.

Alrik, Finn, Ri, and Iossa arrive first, but Iossa chooses to flee rather than fight. The enemy are three giant wolves and a humanoid, all of which Alrik knows (cousin, town drunk, and a widow).

BugBug and Adell are trying to catch up, when an attacker is noticed dragging off an UwU. BugBug doesn't approve of this, so tries to toss the wolf into a tree. Unfortunately, the wolf tosses him instead, and howls at Adell to prevent him from attacking, too. The UwU begs for the two to save her.

Meanwhile, the shadowy figure is revealed to be Liam: "Alrik. It's good to see you again. We've been looking for you."

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