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Drow had just executed Merlina...

  • Alrik dashes in to attack, but Gorgon (whose name is GORGON, not Medusa!) blocks with an ice shield.
  • Drow unloads a multishot, but Alrik manages to dodge.
  • Gorgon creates an earthquake that poisons everyone, and hits Adell with sleep.
  • Finn shoots Gorgon in the face. She tries to block, but fails.
  • Joe kicks Gorgon "in the cunt", but Gorgon sidesteps.
  • Alrik tries to bite Drow, but the fucker dodges (nat 20!).
  • Drow says "Let's just end this already", and makes his guns glow with black fire.
  • Gorgon duplicates herself with Mirrormancy.
  • Finn opens fire and shatters two of the five Gorgons.
  • Joe (listening to her "conscience") opens up a cone of whoop-ass, but the clones dodge.
  • Alrik goes to eviscerate Drow with his claws, but the fucker slips to the side.
  • Drow's guns misfire after a "dodge this!"...
  • Two Gorgons create earthquakes, while the third casts Nightmare. Joe passes out. Everyone is hit HARD.
  • Claire Deus Ex Machinas onto the scene, casting pumpkin bombs at the villains, destroying all Gorgons.
  • Claire proceeds to waking Adell up, and bringing Finn back from the edge of death.
  • Alrik says "Buenos Dias, Fuckboy", then attacks Drow, but he dodges AGAIN.
  • Drow tells Alrik to "just die", then uses Future Sight to hit Alrik 7 times, knocking the wolf down.
  • Adell flies over to Joe to wake her back up.
  • Finn Sharks Out.
  • Joe grabs Drow out of his shadow, JoJo faces, shouts bad Japanese, then translates it to "prepare yourself, bitch", and kicks the fuckboy into a crater, where he bounces up into space.
  • Finn grabs Claire and drags her over to heal Alrik.

Some hijinks ensue with folks holding each other suggestively... Joe faceplants into Claire's chest! The group heads to the Blyatmobile, Kenny and Claire in tow. They drive to Camp Moon Moon!

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