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Mahonrimoriancumer Hyrum Smith
Mahonrimoriancumer Hyrum Smith


20yo cyber Jackalopian




  • Speed: 8
  • Player: Dan


Early life[edit]

Ri was born to Nephi-Alma and Sarah Smith, and raised Mormon (or as the members of the faith prefer to call themselves, LDS). For the first half of his life, he believed almost blindly, absorbing the doctrine with everything he had. However, he eventually developed a sexuality that disagreed with the church's teachings, and couldn't reconcile the two, so eventually he stopped attending. He was reluctant to do so for long after he'd stopped truly believing, mostly because of his love for his family, and his desire to be part of that same family in the hereafter.

So when they suddenly vanished, one day, he started doing everything in his power to find them. At one point, he even opted to have a brain computer installed, though on his budget he should have known better. The implant works as advertised, but there were other things installed at the same time that he had no desire for.

Things got complicated for a while after that, but eventually Ri escaped, and has resumed his search ever since.

Current Day[edit]

Ri's search led him to Camp Moon Moon, and the Fearsayer there. While looking for her, everything was interrupted by a cyberwolf attack. Only barely surviving that attack, Ri spent a lot of time in the Camp's healing springs letting his body and its cybernetics stitch back together, before joining a group of new friends on a quest to stop Viktor.

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