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The coldbloods pull over into a back alley in Awoooo Town so that Peanut can get something — er, someone — to eat. The population consists of a mix of Nekos and werewolves, living together. They debate for a moment who to select, and how, and then they stop, and Lily gets out to track down a particularly large "snack". Oz and Peanut accompany her. They come upon a group of four gathered around Gus, two werewolves, a Neko witch, and an elf-wolf man. Peanut immediately approaches the group, Oz in tow, and walks up to the biggest of them, a hungry look in her eyes. (Keep in mind, of course, that she's still wearing the body of her last meal, now close to 24 hours gone.) The brute makes a snide comment about "the brat", and Oz responds by stabbing him.

  • Gus takes a step back, screaming at the violence
  • Allister chills in the car
  • Oz stabs again! "Don't call me 'brat', you beast!"
  • Lily fires blood metal at the brute, who blocks with a shield
  • The summoner shifts to wolf form
  • The brute shifts to wolf form as well, hardening his skin
  • The sniper slips to a bit of a distance, powering up
  • The Neko witch (Catlock) summons some whisps and powers up a conduit seal
  • Gus hides behind a dumpster and tries to heal up the brute
  • Allister gets impatient and joins the group to see what's taking so long (bickering ensues), powering up
  • Oz uses his Infinity Coffin attack on the sniper, then reaches into the System to learn a new spell
  • Lily shifts focus to the summoner, who dodges
  • The summoner summons five demi-wolves, then sets them all on fire
  • The brute acquires a metallic sheen, and attacks Oz back, successfully
  • The sniper powers up further
  • Peanut takes a big bite out of the brute, shifting back to her normal ape form in the process, but it doesn't do much damage
  • Catlock mirror-clones the brute four times
  • Gus casts Greater Mind on
  • Allister powers up again
  • Oz flies up a bit, then makes a storm of knives to attack as many of the opponents as possible; the clones start to crack
  • Lassiter slips out of the gambling hall to investigate the commotion, and attacks the brutes in a row — but it isn't very effective
  • Lily bumps Allister to the side to open a cone of blood-powered whoop-ass on as many foes as possible, hitting the summoner
  • The summoner has her demi-wolves power attack both Lily and Allister, only hitting Lily, then attacks Oz directly, missing
  • The brute tries to escape Peanut's grasp, failing
  • One of the brute clones attacks Peanut
  • Another clone attacks Oz, a third Lassiter, and the fourth Allister
  • The sniper lines up an attack against Peanut, then Oz, then Peanut again; Oz drops
  • Peanut licks the brute
  • Catlock telekinetically grabs Allister to throw him against a wall, but he breaks the manipulation before it can take effect
  • Gus creates a life force barrier around himself
  • Allister bites his wrist to power up more, opening portals to tentacle Hell to attack the sniper: "You need to die. Now."; the sniper is split in half by a tentacle spike
  • Oz manages to cling to life but is incapacitated
  • Lassiter attacks the summoner, destroying her, and Catlock, who blocks
  • Lily rushes over to use blood healing on Oz
  • Nekros arrives, flying over to see what the hell is going on, and having no idea which side to root for, simply blinks a few times, but powers up just in case the fight ends up involving her
  • The brute tries to break free again but fails again
  • One clone attacks Peanut, who takes the hit and then shatters the clone with her tongue
  • Another clone attacks Lily, who blocks successfully
  • The third clone attacks Lassiter, who narrowly dodges
  • The final clone attacks Allister, who deftly dodges all three strikes
  • Peanut licks the brute again
  • Catlock attacks Lassiter, who dodges all three attempts
  • Gus attempts to sneak off the field
  • Allister blitzes over to Gus — "Where, pray tell, do you think you're going" — and attacks him, slicing his legs clean off
  • Lassiter attacks Catlock, who blocks part of the attack, but the third strike lands, with a "cuddle suck" resulting
  • Lily spends some time rejuvenating herself
  • Nekros attacks the only combatants not otherwise engaged at the moment — the brute clones — and shatters two
  • The brute fails again to escape
  • The remaining clone attacks Lily, only hitting once
  • Peanut licks the brute again
  • Catlock attempts to break free but fails
  • Allister blitzes over to Catlock and attacks her with a demonic portal arm, ripping her head clean off
  • Lassiter focuses on drinking as much of Catlock's blood as possible before it starts to run cold
  • Lily attacks the sole remaining foe, the brute, exploding him from the inside out

Four of the victors — Lily, Allister, Lassiter, and Peanut — begin feeding on the remains, in their various ways. Nekros drifts down to help heal Oz and Peanut somewhat, while Allister retrieves Gus. They discuss what to do with him, and eventually revive and repair him with a spare leg from Catlock's body. Oz hugs both Peanut and Nekros in thanks for their assistance. The coldbloods successfully recruit Lassiter and Nekros, and stuff Gus into the limo. Peanut once again shifts into the form of her last meal, which happens to be the brute, albeit his human form. They set off!

Next Stop: Hollowgrove!

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