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We open as Oscar, Darkedge, Lily, and a small handful of others arrive to answer a call for recruitment to the Edge Eight's "army". Inside, there's a half-oni in a kimono who looks on them all with disgust, then explains the rules of the combat to follow. Oscar moves to attack the person nearest him to prove that he's got what it takes, but the half-oni stops him, as there's still one combatant still ``en route``. This is when Peanut enters the scene. Everyone is told to assume positions for the battle, with a "May the strongest among you survive" from the half-oni.

  • Oscar attacks a gunner
  • Lily dashes across the battlefield, activating some amplification spells in the process
  • Darkedge summons a sandstorm, blinding Peanut and a caster in range
  • The gunner moves back from Oscar a bit to open fire, but Oscar dodges
  • The caster moves outside the sandstorm, casting a fire blast at Lily, who dodges
  • A bruiser moves up to Lily, to get in range
  • Peanut powers up a bit, then lashes out at the gunner with her tongue, but just barely misses
  • Oscar zips to the caster, using a faze shredder to attack, but she manages to dodge
  • Lily attacks the bruiser, whose armor is just too thick to strike through
  • Darkedge takes to the air, flying out of the area of the sandstorm himself, but he now looks like Oscar!
  • The gunner opens fire on Peanut, whose armor absorbs all the damage
  • The caster creates an earthquake, but it fails to go off, and all targets are in the air anyway
  • The bruiser attacks Lily
  • Peanut emerges from the sandstorm to attack the gunner without the disadvantage of blindness, and connects, dragging him in and crushing him into the ground
  • Oscar attacks the caster again, but she dodges once again
  • Lily hypnotizes the bruiser to attack the caster
  • Darkedge moves behind the real Oscar
  • The caster summons shards of ice to attack both Oscars, hitting both!
  • The bruiser turns 180° and moves over to the caster
  • Peanut moves closer to the remaining combatants
  • Oscar attacks the caster again, actually connecting this time
  • Lily moves away from Peanut, then fires a blood metal slug at Peanut
  • Darkedge heals himself
  • The caster attacks everyone in range, but everyone either dodges or soaks the damage
  • The bruiser attacks the caster, but she dodges
  • Peanut moves closer again
  • Oscar attacks the caster and knocks her out
  • Lily does a blood implosion, stealing health from the two enemies she'd marked
  • Darkedge tries attacking the bruiser, but his armor absorbs it all
  • The bruiser attacks Darkedge, who manages to dodge
  • Peanut casts Greater Body, and attacks the bruiser as well, her attack connecting hard
  • Oscar flies over to Peanut and faze strikes, but it doesn't do any actual damage—except to himself, on her metal spines
  • Lily recharges her blood points from one corpse and the bruiser
  • Darkedge moves across the battlefield
  • Peanut starts to eat the remains of the bruiser
  • Oscar moves out of range next to the other two
  • Lily moves out of range as well, then places several holding seals to prevent Peanut from reaching any of the remaining fighters
  • Darkedge moves as far away as possible without leaving the arena
  • Peanut walks right into the traps, being held in place by five of them
  • Oscar duplicates his knife into an Infinity Weapon surrounding Peanut, attacking and doing some actual damage, then downloads Draining Strike
  • Lily attacks Peanut, leaving seven blood marks behind but doing no actual damage
  • Darkedge moves a little closer, then uses Mind Lock on Peanut to trap her even further
  • Peanut fails to break free
  • Oscar attacks Peanut, receiving some healing from the process
  • Lily blows the blood marks, pulling enough health out of Peanut to make her submit
  • Darkedge summons another sandstorm
  • Oscar attacks Lily powerfully
  • Lily attacks both opponents, but they manage to dodge
  • Darkedge sneak-attacks Oscar, who notices it in time to properly defend, but still takes the hit
  • Oscar attacks Lily, as she's the biggest threat, but she manages to block
  • Lily dashes out of the sandstorms and casts some more traps
  • Darkedge closes his eyes, reopening them completely blackened, and casts Eyes of Pain on Oscar
  • Oscar moves outside the sandstorm as well, moving around the traps to do so safely, and attacks Lily with a faze shredder, knocking her out of the fight

The fight is down to Oscar versus Fake Oscar!

  • Darkedge tries to attack again, but nothing happens
  • Oscar attacks Darkedge, doing significant damage

Oscar challenges Darkedge to concede. Darkedge counters with "make me your second and it's a deal". With an "ok, second!" the battle ends. The half-oni comes back out to congratulate the winners. Oscar heals everyone who isn't already dead, and everyone drops the remaining spells they have in effect. The group banters a bit before there is an attack from outside the building, of "normies" invading the edgelord dojo!

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