Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 8

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Our heroes find and hotwire the Blyatmobile! They drive off toward A Single Safe Place, and spend most of the drive trying to reconnect with Joe through her trauma. Finn falls asleep almost immediately. Joe starts reading JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which BugBug notes is based on real people, whose names have been changed for the manga. Joe is immediately intrigued, and asks to change direction to the Observatory of Sick Gains Bruh. The conversation turns to background info on the characters, and their hometowns.

Adell is from Ansel. A man broke in and took everyone from his home except Adell, leaving a note for him to make his way to the City of Xero if he wants to see his family again.

Alrik went to Xero to track down the person who installed cybernetics against his will.

Joe was raised by the Edgelords in Xero after her parents disappeared. Joe joined a site called Dates-R-Us (dates are tasty!), made a bunch of friends, but every time she was going to meet one, "Fibby" took them away.

BugBug uses the opportunity to give a hotblooded pep talk.

The discussion turns a few more times to a few other topics as the car is turned around for Witch Town, since it's closer and more on the way to their next destination. Everyone but Adell (who is driving) is pulled into a cuddle to sleep the rest of the trip.

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