Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 7

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Our heroes enter the final chamber - a desert scene with a ziggurat, atop which is Drow and a collared Joe! Drow doesn't think the group is invested enough, so shoots Joe in the leg to encourage them.

  • Drow zips around the group and kicks up dust
  • Alrik attacks Drow
  • BugBug punches, but Drow dodges
  • Finn fires repeatedly, but Drow dodges those too
  • Adell flies over to flame punch, but Drow dodges again
  • Drow blitzes again, then opens fire himself, but the heroes manage to block or otherwise evade
  • Alrik goes to wolf form
  • BugBug punches again, but Drow dodges
  • Finn opens fire again, with Drow still dodging
  • Adell tries to fly in to attack, but gets hit by a flying rock, plummeting to the ground
  • Drow opens fire on Alrik specifically, but Alrik dodges!
  • Alrik bites, but misses
  • BugBug gets behind cover
  • Finn goes over to try to free Joe, shooting the chain
  • Adell flies over to tear off the collar, and Joe starts responding
  • Drow dashes over, grabs Joe, and dashes back away - "You need to beat me if you want the girl!"
  • Alrik bites Drow successfully this time, then tosses the asshole toward BugBug
  • BugBug "does not like cowards who hurt children", and punches Drow repeatedly, but the fucker teleports away
  • Finn moves toward Alrik, searching for Drow
  • Adell spots Drow in the air above BugBug, and flies up to attack, punching the bastard down to the ground
  • Drow blitzes back to Joe, and shoots her brains out
  • Alrik, pissed at this turn of events, bites hard, and tosses Drow to BugBug again, tearing Drow's arm off in the process
  • BugBug wails on Drow, but the bastard slips away
  • Finn opens fire again, who defends with a group of Shadows
  • Adell grabs and beats "the ever-living shit out of" Drow, ending the fight

Alrik slams Drow's body into a nearby wall, giving an impassioned speech about why he won't be killing the fucker. After Drow finally passes out, the group realizes that the girl that was killed wasn't actually Joe. Adell punches the wall in frustration, until it pops open into a new room. The group enters, passing through a door within to enter a cell block. In the last cell, is the real Joe! She and Alrik hug in joy. Adell breaks her collar, allowing her strength to return. Joe punches the door into the outside floor, frustrated about her recent lack of strength. The group leaves the prison, heading back the way they came in. Wheelchair Sensei has finally caught up at this point, and as he starts leveling threats of punishment for leaving him behind, BugBug nudges the wheelchair down a hill. The group makes their escape!

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