Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 6

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Our heroes, still incapacitated after their encounter with Drow, are picked up and carried by BugBug to a nearby vehicle. Wheelchair Sensei decides to train the group to defeat the Edge Eight, but they must do it his way, following his rules - which means no cussing! They arrive at a stereotypical Japanese mansion for training and rest. There is healing tea! The day begins at the training grounds, with wheelchair-ups, followed by scream training, and then attack practice, with personalized training in the evenings. It's a montage! On the final day before Drow's deadline, the group is awarded graduation swords and the greatest secret of Wheelchair Sensei's training is revealed - Wheelchair-ups do NOTHING! Finally, they can leave the outskirts of City of Pumpustry for University of Hampires North Western! Rose attacks with a fireball.

  • Alrik moves to smack Rose, but she blocks with a fire shield
  • Graves' coffin opens, boiling with Edge and Shadows
  • BugBug moves through the Shadows to Rose's perch
  • Finn moves into range and shoots Graves
  • Adell activates his fire fists and uses dragon breath on the Shadows, which all dissolve
  • Rose vanishes into the shadows
  • Alrik smacks Graves
  • Graves attacks back with his coffin, but Alrik dodges
  • BugBug rapid punches Graves ("Oraoraoraoraoraora!") until his head pops off

The group dashes the rest of the way up the tower to a door. Finn switches to shark mode and attacks the door, which then starts to glow and heal, but finally opens. Adell tries to dragon breath the darkness within, but nothing happens. Everyone runs into the darkness, Finn and BugBug first. Alrik and Adell wind up in a hallway with purple flame torches. Adell recognizes the illusion immediately, but Alrik doesn't for a moment

  • Alrik manages to shatter the illusion
  • Adell attacks, but Rose blocks
  • Rose throws up a new illusion

Finn and BugBug encounter their worst fears - a giant flyswatter Sensei, and a propane tank with four massive arms!

  • BugBug punches the Sensei repeatedly, doing damage to Finn
  • Finn charges the propane tank, swinging a hammer, damaging BugBug

Back to Alrik and Adell: both take damage. Adell sees Alrik as his father in shadow, while Alrik sees Adell as the man who experimented on him.

  • BugBug uses rapid regeneration to heal partially
  • Finn attacks again, breaking BugBug free of the illusion, letting him break Finn free as well!

The two man-hug, then set out to free the others. Alrik and Adell take more damage, but the illusion isn't broken until Alrik attacks Adell, freeing him.

  • Adell flame punches Rose into submission, knocking her out

The source of the illusions gone, the group refocuses on their goal - saving Joe.

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