Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 5

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Our heroes approach a cliff, with three darkly-clothed figures. Rose, Graves, and Drow. They're the next three of the Edge Eight! Joe tosses Adell at Rose mid-monologue. Graves uses his coffin to prevent the group from finishing off Rose. Graves collects Rose in his coffin and walks away, after Drow asks to fight them himself.

  • Alrik charges in, claws out, and slashes for Drow's face, but he somehow dodges!
  • Finn opens fire, and somehow misses as well
  • Joe charges up holy and shadow strikes
  • Adell punches a bunch, but Drow still dodges
  • Drow vanishes, then shoots the group from behind, knocking out Finn and Adell
  • Alrik shifts to wolf form
  • Joe punches, but Drow dodges again, so the damage craters the ground instead
  • Drow opens fire, and does a lot of damage to Joe
  • Alrik, pissed the fuck off, goes to bite Drow - and succeeds!
  • Joe, also pissed, punches Drow massively
  • Drow starts to take things seriously, now, running 100 feet away
  • Alrik scoops up Joe, and moves across that distance to attack again, but Drow dodges
  • Joe tries to punch, but he dodges again
  • Drow attacks again, but misses as a rib slips, instead dashing to 160 feet away
  • Joe tosses Alrik at Drow, and Alrik connects
  • Drow opens fire to get Alrik off him, then dashes over to attack Joe as well, knocking them down, too

Drow picks Joe up to finish things off, but that's when BugBug and the Wheelchair Samurai arrive and scare Drow off, though he takes Joe with.

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