Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 4

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The new Edgelords drag Sad Cowboy and the saloon's barkeep out into the center of town, and accuse them of being responsible for the death of the unnamed brooder. As Sad Cowboy begins to plead for his death, Joe "helpfully" goes to toss the barrel she's been hiding in to try to help him satisfy his wish. Adell stops her, and the Edgelords note that the actual culprits have arrived. Battle starts!

  • Alrik transforms to wolf form and charges the leader (female Edgelord, Mika) to prevent her from beheading the barkeep
  • Mika backs away to a rooftop to fling her scythe at Alrik, who dodges. The scythe returns to Mika's hand
  • Male Edgelord (demon bunny) ignites his fists and swings at Adell, who blocks by grabbing the fist
  • Adell returns the favor, with equal results
  • Joe begins charging to attack
  • Alrik bites at Mika
  • Mika attacks Joe
  • Demon bunny attacks Adell again, which gets blocked
  • Anton starts singing to bolster everyone
  • Adell hits back, and connects with a flurry of blows
  • Joe unleashes her attack on Demon bunny, ending him, and high-fiving Adell
  • Alrik moves to attack the building Mika is on
  • Mika throws her scythe at Joe, who catches it
  • Joe tosses Adell through the building, rather than atop it
  • Adell jumps up to the roof and punches Mika
  • Alrik takes the scythe to the edge of the battlefield
  • Mika runs away

As the battle ends, Xero shows up and begins to choke Mika in retribution. Anton goes to werewolf form to prevent Xero from attacking the group before they have a chance to flee. Alrik takes the scythe with him, as they leave the thundering battle behind for the Gothic Land of Hampires.

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