Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 31

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We open on the beast flying away, and Joe screaming about Adell, whose pieces are scattered on the ground. She moves to gather all the pieces as Alrik moves to reassure her about his chances of recovery. When Ri mentions that there may even be a resurrection facility within the castle, Joe scrambles inside to try to find it. BugBug brings the bus up to drive the group inside, complete with some noodle soup of healing to repair the group's injuries somewhat.

Once inside, they find the castle empty, and Finn utters the first hints of the angst roiling within him. Alrik scents Joe and follows her up the stairs. Luna and Finn spot large buglike creatures scuttling up the walls of the staircase, but they continue onward, despite Finn's insistence that they could just leave Joe behind. When they arrive at the top level, and the throne room, they are greeted by three gents who look a lot like BugBug. Three of the Four Kings!

Alrik suggests an alliance, and the three beetles turn him down. So they spend their time trying to talk them into agreeing instead. They present the weapons they've taken from fallen Edge Eight members as proof that they can handle Xero between them, so long as they have a proper army at their backs to handle everything else Xero will throw at them. In the course of trying to convince the Kings, they discover that Finn has been infected by the Edge that the final shark spirit was pre-soaked in. They do strike a deal with the Kings, then leave to take care of Finn and head out to their next destination. BugBug and the Uwus stay behind to help protect his kin.

Downstairs, Alrik confronts Finn about his edginess. It results in battle when Finn sharks out.

Meanwhile, somewhere else, Adell wakes up, very weak, in a pod. It opens, and he hears his uncle speaking. The older man has apparently sided with Xero. After a short conversation, Adell gets knocked out again.

  • Finn powers up, then attacks, tossing Alrik into the air
  • As he falls, Alrik wolfs out, his fur turning to metal, then uses his extending limbs to grab the railing of the next floor to zip up out of range
  • Finn follows by clawing up the brickwork, attacking Alrik through a wall
  • Alrik powers up as Finn approaches, crunching more brickwork

At the bus, the others hear Alrik go through a wall

  • Ri dashes inside, powering up a bit
  • Joe follows, also powering up
  • Luna also follows, taking the lead as she guitar-surfs faster than the others
  • Alrik heals up
  • Finn takes a long drag on a cigarette, then attacks Alrik again, who manages to dodge backward out of the way
  • Ri charges in, trips beneath the blocking anchor, and impacts with Finn for a bit of damage
  • Joe stares on in shock
  • Luna powers up and attacks; Finn counters, and both take damage
  • Alrik attacks; Finn counters again rather than block or dodge
  • Finn rages out, then attacks Alrik again, but the wolf drops to the floor to dodge
  • Ri charges again, bouncing off the ceiling to get more distance, but Finn blocks
  • Joe screams at Finn
  • Luna powers up further, then swings her weapon; Finn blocks
  • Finn attacks Alrik again, missing again
  • Alrik attacks, and Finn counters, but Finn goes down, the Edge boiling from his system

Alrik collapses to his knees next to Finn, who has dropped back to human form. Ri points out that, on a technicality, Alrik is Alpha now. They decide to resolve the issue more properly later, then leave the castle for their next destination.

Adell comes back to consciousness in the Demon Hell Lands, with armor and weapons, but none of them his own.

Any more than that, we have to wait until next time!

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