Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 30

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We open on the upper deck with the group surrounding the King of Land Pirates, unconscious and tied up. Joe comes in, "Did I miss the awesome fight?!!!". She spots Neckbeard (somehow standing on deck, rather than as a puddle in the distance), and asks about whether there's another Legalizer. Finn kicks him into a corner for a moment, but it doesn't stick. Luna heals Adell back to consciousness, and he dramatically gets up. As they go to head topside, the ship collides with something, and everyone goes flying.

Climbing to their feet, everyone goes topside, to find the ship has crashed into a large rock formation. The members of the crew they haven't already killed swarm out from belowdecks, spot their captain, and prepare for battle. KoLP comes to, and calls on them to stand down. He was beaten fair and square, so he presents himself for execution. After Alrik declines, he offers himself as first mate instead. They come to the decision to repair the ship, and the crew immediately swarms it to do so. Finn sends Neckbeard to City of Pumpustry to shave off his neck-beard. 1000 miles away. On foot.

Some exposition happens next, as KoLP explains the super-beast at Castle Super Beast, which has been corrupted with Edge, and supercharged by the third shark spirit. They hop on the bus and head to the coast to visit a small one-room fishing shack, where Finn retrieves a tackle box and fishing rod while sharing more of his backstory. The weather shifts to enforce the mood while the backstory is being shared, then immediately clears again once the telling is complete. So then it's off to the castle!

The beast is revealed from behind the castle, as it hops over the structure to block the group's path.

  • The beast warns them away
  • Alrik powers up
  • Adell powers up and moves directly into view
  • Ri powers up and stays put
  • Joe runs off to someplace mysterious on the ship
  • Finn clones himself while powering up
  • Luna powers up and starts flying
  • The ship prepares to fire at the beast
  • The beast attacks the ship itself (plus everyone topside), destroying the clones as though they weren't even there
  • Alrik shifts to wolf form and powers up further
  • Adell flies out to the beast for a better position to attack from, then uses his drop speed to power up a fire punch
  • Ri attempts a Reality Slice, but the beast dodges
  • Joe flies out in a dingy, powering up
  • Finn runs to hide and panic for a moment, then runs inside to retrieve the tackle box and pole, prepping it for fishing that soul
  • Luna powers up the group, except Adell and Joe who are out of range
  • The ship (under KoLP's control) fires at the beast, connecting
  • The beast heals
  • Alrik moves to attack with extending limbs from the underside, but it bats him away - so he climbs onto its leg instead
  • Adell moves toward the shark head, but the snake head intercepts, blocking the attack
  • Ri attempts another Reality Slice, connecting this time and shearing one of the horns and an ear clean off the ram head
  • Joe moves into position to attack
  • Finn comes out of the ship, swinging across on a rope to the ground under the beast, then casts the line into its underbelly
  • Luna powers up further, then tosses traps out in front of the beast before flying off
  • The ship attacks, but the beast dodges by jumping to the other side of the ship
  • The beast attacks the ship again, destroying any cover, while healing slightly
  • Alrik climbs further onto the beast, to the top of the ram head, then attacks the other horn, shearing it off as well
  • Adell stares the snake head down, multi-attacking it, but it blocks
  • Ri slices reality again, but it is less effective than last time.
  • Joe jumps out of the dingy, doing a Superhero Maximum Corkscrew Kick at the beast
  • Finn powers up Null Strike, then begins reeling in some edge as he switches to shark form
  • Luna further powers up the folks in range
  • The ship continues firing, but misses this time
  • Alrik continues attacking the ram head, incapacitating it
  • The beast attacks Alrik, who dodges ("Not my kink, not my kink, not my kink!")
  • Finn gives up on the reel after it shatters, and climbs the ship to a better position, then casts his anchor like an enormous fishing line directly into the shark head
  • Adell tries to help Finn haul on the line, but fails
  • Ri recovers Myth
  • Joe punches the beast
  • Luna recovers Myth
  • The ship attacks again
  • Alrik attacks the lion head, but misses, hanging on by its whiskers
  • The beast attacks Adell, Alrik, and Finn - Adell blocks the attack from hitting Finn, turning to a flaming statue and falling to shatter on the ground
  • Finn pulls on the chain further, both shark spirits assisting, but it's not quite enough - so all the others in the group astral project to help pull the shark spirit out of the Edge

The beast shakes everyone loose, then takes to the sky, Edge pouring from the hole that used to be the shark head.

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