Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 29

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We open on Adell and the King of Land Pirates facing off. Adell utters YOLO as the pre-battle banter begins. The offer is made for Adell to join the Land Pirates as First Mate, segueing quite smoothly into the captain's dislike of sharks after the Shark Spirits chased his people out of the seas.

Meanwhile, topside, the rest of the group starts searching for Adell.

  • The King of Land Pirates (KoLP, who has 8 hands) unloads all of his 8 guns at Adell, who blocks them all, then powers up a bit
  • Adell attacks all the guns, then heals himself up a bit
  • KoLP splits into several clones of himself, all of which attack twice; the second one lands, knocking Adell to the ground and winning the battle

KoLP carries Adell to the med bay. Alrik's sense of smell picks out Adell's scent, and the entire group races inside to assist. Alrik reaches the scene of battle almost immediately, and engages in a battle of his own! Luna, meanwhile, encounters and then punts Neckbeard down the hallway with a well-placed Tuning Strike.

  • Alrik powers back up, still in wolf form
  • KoLP powers up further himself, and attacks - but Alrik dodges
  • Ri arrives on-scene, and powers up
  • Adell recovers, not actually as damaged as he'd appeared, and tries attacking the guns again, but KoLP blocks
  • Finn arrives on-scene, too
  • Luna moves closer
  • Neckbeard moves further along
  • Alrik powers up with Null Strike, then attacks KoLP, doing some decent damage
  • KoLP steps back and opens fire on Alrik, who dodges
  • Ri attacks KoLP, who sidesteps
  • Adell tries one more time to break all the guns, and succeeds at removing two of them before being knocked unconscious by a gun butt (Zach had to leave)
  • Finn sharks back out, and powers up
  • Luna moves further
  • Neckbeard moves further
  • Alrik attacks KoLP, and barely misses thanks to a bubble of Edge energy
  • KoLP moves away, materializing replacement guns, and opens fire on Alrik, landing the hit
  • Ri attacks again from the doorway, but misses entirely
  • Finn powers up, summoning images of a skeleton crew along with it
  • Luna arrives, then starts healing the group
  • Neckbeard advances more
  • Alrik attacks KoLP, who weathers the blow far better than expected
  • KoLP splits back into his clones again, attacking Finn, who blocks
  • Ri attacks more powerfully from the door again, and connects
  • Finn moves to the other end of the room and attacks KoLP
  • Luna heals the group more, then powers up the group some more
  • Neckbeard runs further, leveling up his Speed in the process
  • Alrik gives KoLP the same grin he used on Lyfclok, then attacks again, taking KoLP down

All the Edge in KoLP's body evaporates out as the Null Strike courses through him, and he collapses to the floor. Just then, Neckbeard arrives, and Alrik returns to humanoid form as Finn attacks KoLP's parrot, destroying it in a poof of feathers. Luna attacks Neckbeard out a hole in the side of the ship, dying a second time in the process. They spend some time recovering a bit, then realize they need to find the brakes after Joe pokes her head in to see what's up. The screens just happen to show a quickly approaching mountain outside!

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