Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 28

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As the group approaches the main craft, they spot a group of heavy metal musicians on top of it, the band "Lyfclok". The lead "singer" is Luna's ex!

Alrik fires the slingshot at the top of the land ship, launching Alrik and Finn onto it.

  • Alrik powers up
  • The land ship fires at the crab-bot, which blocks, then the bus, which dodges, though BugBug gets knocked out so Ri has to take over driving
  • Ri powers up
  • Adell starts directing the crab-bot to attack the crew riding around the ship on motorcycles and junkers, knocking a bunch of them clear of their vehicles
  • The crew swarms the crab-bot and the bus, and some get through, while a small handful on the ship go after Alrik and Finn, who take minimal damage
  • Finn whirlwind attacks the crew on the ship with his flint-Glocks, injuring all six pretty thoroughly
  • Luna powers up, lending strength to the mech
  • Lyfclok's lead singer powers up the ship's various crewmembers
  • Alrik whirlwind attacks the crew on the ship as well, taking out all but one of them
  • The ship opens fire on Alrik directly, hitting, then the crab-bot, which blocks, and finally the bus, which flips to dodge the barrage
  • Ri whirlwind attacks the entire crew, increasing their injuries
  • Adell channels more strength into the crab-bot, and whirlwind attacks all the ones in reach, destroying them utterly ("Charred Blood Puddles is the name of my next band")
  • Finn sharks out
  • Luna attacks the ship itself, lodging part of the crab-bot into it, then sending explosive power through the ship, which Finn prevents from hitting Alrik
  • Lyfclok lends more power to the crew
  • Alrik wolfs out
  • Finn carries Alrik up to Lyfclok, attacking the band in the same motion as yeeting the wolf at them - he is unable to connect, but Alrik still has a chance
  • The ship's guns turn to point at Finn and Alrik again, opening fire, but Finn blocks with his anchor, and intercepts the ones heading for Alrik; more guns aim at the crab-bot, which gets destroyed in the process
  • Ri whirlwind attacks the remaining crew, but they manage to dodge
  • Adell goes inside the ship to find the engine, and notices none other than Captain Neckbeard in a cell!
  • Three of the four surviving crew launch at the Hotbloods on the outside of the ship, one missing while the other two connect; the fourth tries to attack Ri and the bus, but Ri swerves easily
  • Luna heals everyone in range, then powers up Alrik and Finn
  • Lyfclok attacks all three Hotbloods on the ship's topside, but misses excessively
  • Alrik fires spines at every enemy in range, killing the crew, but not Lyfclok's lead singer
  • The ship's guns attack Ri, Luna, and Alrik, who all dodge
  • Ri attacks the last remaining crewperson, who goes down and gets quickly left behind in the distance
  • Adell makes more progress into the ship
  • Finn powers up, then drops inside the ship
  • Luna powers up herself and Alrik
  • Lyfclok's sole remaining member attacks everyone topside again, missing completely
  • Alrik looks up at Luna's ex and grins, then tears into him with his full power, destroying even the memory of Lyfclok in the process
  • The ship's guns turn, losing their amps, and open fire on Alrik, who just stands there and absorbs the impact as though nothing at all is happening
  • Ri jumps the bus up onto the top of the ship to rejoin the party, then asks where Adell is
  • Adell moves further inside the ship when he notices the control/throne room, and the ship's captain, the King of Land Pirates!

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