Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 26

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We pick up with minimal recap as the Hotbloods are reunited at the scene of the volleyball crater. Some confusion ensues as to "what the hell happened here!?", as Ri gets to fixing the bus. Joe wants to learn all the words, but Alrik doesn't approve. Finn tells him he's taking the whole parenting thing too far, leading Joe to comment "He's not my father!" - it doesn't show right away, but Alrik's heart breaks, and he wanders off to try to process. The others let him go, turning to helping Ri with the engine repairs.

Once the repair is complete, Ri wanders off in the direction that Alrik went, to talk to him. They discuss why he's so upset, and eventually work through the problem the best they can before heading back to the bus. Joe goes off to say goodbye to Oz before they take off, but eventually they do head out toward Castle Super Beast.

Before they have a chance to get there, they see two giant mechs fighting, with several other mechs watching. Naturally, they pull up to the fight to see what's going on. A few copyright violations later, Joe inquires about where she's going to get one of her own, and then they're suddenly surrounded by about 20 giant green mechs!

  • Joe peg-leg-kicks the shin of one of the newly arrived mechs, destroying the armor on it
  • Alrik shifts to wolf form
  • The damaged mech swings to punch Joe, but she blocks with a punch of her own
  • Two mechs attack Alrik, who blocks both
  • Two go for Finn, one connecting
  • Ri blocks his two as well
  • Luna gets hit by one, the other two hitting the red mech from earlier instead, as it slides in to intercept the blows
  • Six open fire on Joe, four connecting
  • Alrik gets hit, but his armor deflects all the damage anyway
  • Adell shrugs off an attack by six more
  • Finn gets hit by four of the six after him, but the blue mech from earlier slides in to block the damage of all but the first
  • Ri blocks his six by simply crossing his arms and deflecting the bullets through sheer luck
  • Ri then Reality Slices the nearest mech to break through its defenses
  • Adell misses his attack
  • Finn summons a raincloud, shifting to shark form
  • Joe wind-strikes four of the mechs in a cone of destruction
  • Luna uses a sonic strike that decimates the armor of several mechs in a cone of her own
  • Alrik blasts through four of them with his claws, causing severe damage
  • Finn runs in a huge spiral, attacking all the mechs in the arena at once with a sudden lightning storm

The final "body" count is 13 downed mechs as we head into a To Be Continued!

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