Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 23

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The Hotbloods debate where to go next. Evil Santa has been taken to the Cyberpapacy, but the group was already heading for The Observatory of Sick Gains Bruh. So which takes precedence? Eventually, the Observatory wins out. Reaching the Observatory, they see that the telescope has been removed. They approach the door, where Joe and Adell start pounding on the door for entry. The door opens to show two very large men (Jose JoComet and Thousand Island), who invite them to join their Huge Quest, before they and Joe engage in a pose-off. "Come, we will introduce you to our Sensei!" Inside, the telescope has been repositioned to point downward toward the extensive workout facility within. Their Sensei is the one and only Laura Laura! She sends Jose and TI out to do more workouts, then struts over to the Hotbloods to speak to them properly. Wheelchair Sensei has apparently called ahead to let her know they're coming.

Adell asserts that he's strong enough already, to which Finn responds by saying "You're on your own here" before shifting to shark form. Joe challenges him to an arm-wrestling match. Laura Laura forces both of their hands to the ground instead of letting them finish, then leads the group into the Pit of Gains. Adell is not happy about this turn of events, but with Luna playing montage music to assist, he finally sees he has no choice and gives in.

We montage over the course of about a week as everyone gets stronger. There's a bit of fuss over the track-running sequence, but that turns out to only be a small slice of the overall montage. Most of the focus is actually on Laura Laura explaining the difference between an Edgelord and a Hotblood. There is some sparring with Alrik vs Joe, Adell vs TI, and Finn vs Jose. But, again, this is only a small slice of the overall montage. The final secret technique they get taught is the Null Strike, which is devastating spiritually more than physically. The group learns of the Three Rulers they must defeat—the Column Bois, the Cyberpope, and Virgin—and the Four Kings they must recruit from Castle Super Beast in order to ultimately go on to defeat Xero himself.

Determining it would be best to head to Castle Super Beast first, the group discusses whether to get there by bus or boat. Finn ... has reservations, but they manage to get past them. Everyone loads up onto the ship, bus included, to head out across the seas. Finn screams sea shanties over the course of the trip. Partway through, Joe spots black sails on the horizon. It quickly overtakes our heroes! Aboard is Captain Neckbeard! Joe takes up position to be fired from a cannon, and Neckbeard's ship fires chaser cannons at about the same time, tearing into the masts. The Spirited Loli Shot goes off without a hitch, except that Neckbeard catches Joe by the fist!

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