Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 22

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After he brings up the billion-credit bounty on their heads, the Hotbloods face off against San Francisco, first of the Column Bois!

  • San Francisco powers up, draining strength from the Hotbloods
  • Alrik powers up as well
  • Ri powers up and moves behind Alrik
  • Joe runs up to SF, powering up as she does
  • Adell powers up as well, moving off to the side to clear Finn's path
  • Luna powers up as well
  • Finn powers up and shifts to shark mode
  • SF attacks Finn, who shrugs it off
  • Alrik shifts to wolf form
  • Ri hops onto Alrik's shoulders and slices through Reality where SF is standing
  • Finn punches SF into the ground
  • Joe runs along Finn's back, "DON'T FORGET ABOUT ME!", and follows Finn's punch with one of her own, but SF counters explosively: "Good Spirit, bad aim"; Luna is knocked out
  • Adell taunts and punches SF, but misses
  • SF cyclone-attacks the three nearby; Adell blocks and Finn falls back to human form, while Joe is knocked out
  • Alrik, with Ri clinging tight, charges SF, pissed about Joe falling; SF grabs Alrik's arm and counters explosively again, knocking Finn out, but Alrik, Ri, and Adell manage to hold out
  • Ri slices through Reality again where SF is
  • Adell cracks his knuckles, then catches fire as his Spirit burns within him, taking him down nearly to death; "YOU WILL BE MY TRUE NEMESIS!" SF cries, so Adell sucker-punches him in the chest, setting him ablaze with the finishing blow

In the ashes of what used to be San Francisco, the Hotbloods find several healing crystals, bringing everyone back to full power. There are then footsteps approaching, as a four-armed man approaches in a suit with a pair of suited UWUs. It's BugBug, come to bring the Hotbloods out of the building safely. They discover that Evil Santa has been relocated to the Cyberpapacy as we close our scene.

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