Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 21

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  • Alrik, mildly retroactively, attacks the lead singer, to try to get all the music to stop
  • Adell powers up, then also attacks the lead singer
  • Finn attacks all four Skambies
  • Luna powers everyone else up with extra magic and sound damage
  • Alrik, back in proper turn order now, attacks the lead singer again
  • The Skambies scream, doing damage to everyone but Ri
  • Joe super hero punches the lead singer, killing him properly
  • Ri charges in, runs a few rings around the bassist, and transfers all that momentum into the bassist with his antlers, causing quite a bit of damage
  • Adell attacks all three remaining Skambies, destroying them all... because one was dooting at him...

The townsfolk applaud their liberation! Adell spots a mark on the bodies: "Product of The Council of Civic Necromancy: Why Put Them In The Ground When You Can Put Them To Work?" The group's resolve to visit there next is strengthened immediately. Ri and Joe introduce Luna to the group, and Luna asks if they want to form a band! A post-retro-wave synth band! (Which Ri points out would just be a modern wave synth band...) As they discuss this and the ramifications of having a second Jester in the group, Joe honks the bus horn to get things moving along. Everyone finally loads on, and they set out for the CCN.

This is the point where Joe and Alrik finally share the story of how they got kicked out of the City of Xero with the other half of the group who weren't there. (See the first session for the full details.) Luna comments that this story is highly suspect. Which the group decides would make a great band name, if not a genre. Alrik asks himself, aloud, "how this all happened to me, and why I'm involved in all this shit", to which the response from Luna is "Because in our quasi-magical mystical galaxy, life is still not fair, and existence is meaningless?" They move on quickly...

They finally arrive at the CCN, a city of blacks and greens. They search for a spot to park, and eventually Adell just moves a couple of cars out of the way on top of a couple of other cars. Immediately, a Skeleton Segway Cop pulls up and writes them several tickets, most of them for made up reasons (I swear I'm not salty about this part, still). They eventually decide not to obliterate the Segway Cop, and go inside. A sign says "Now Serving 0000025"; the group searches for a ticket that's lower than the 174 they pulled. Everyone in the waiting room is dead - not undead, just dead - and desiccated, so they just check the tickets. Luna finds 27, and then the sign updates to 0000017.

A few hours later, the counter finally increases to 0000018, just as the doors burst open and a toupee'd skeleton in a suit charges out, demanding to know why the receptionist - Sharon - hasn't sent in his four o'clock appointment, and discovers the hotbloods waiting. He demotes Sharon on the spot, and her badge number drops from 346 to 457. The bureaucrat (Mr Humerus) explains they've managed to meet their order of 50,000 fuckbois, 800 big bois, and 7 Titan fuckbois, plus the additional 4 mariachi fuckbois. Finn responds with incredulity that the numbers are so low. Humerus confirms that the Skambies are designed to generate corpses to reanimate into undead armies, which Joe is pretty certain means these folks are bad guys. Alrik manages to prevent her from attacking, then talks her into working undercover for a while, with a prearranged signal to drop the cover. Finn, meanwhile, has been grilling Humerus as a distraction. He adds a demand for 40,000 fucklads, and the bureaucrat responds by dabbing a wet handkerchief against his forehead to simulate sweating. Finn demands to see the regional manager, who is out on vacation, and Humerus's panic levels increase accordingly. He gets Sharon on the phone ("My name is Cheryl...") to call the RM (Mr Clavicle) in, which she agrees to do right away. Alrik pulls Ri aside to discuss plans for how they're going to fuck up this facility, using Ri's expertise with hacking systems.

Humerus, meanwhile, begins the tour. He details why the extra demand Finn has leveled at them is so straining on their resources, to which Finn replies "Then why did you sign a contract you couldn't fulfill?", and Ri adds "You know, we had a similar offer for twice as many fucklasses..." They come to the R&D department, where the necromancers on staff are working on Spicy Bois, who are meant to be eternally ablaze. It's not working so well. This is when, in the next room over, Joe and Alrik spot a very familiar corpse on a table, his veins being filled with a dark fluid. It's Evil Santa being pumped full of pure Edge! He's apparently there to become a zombie Edgelord. And in that moment is when San Francisco, one of the Column Bois, arrives to check on their progress with that particular project.

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