Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 2

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Anton (Evil Santa, the Anti Claus) gives the group a hotblooded pep talk. He then leads them to the nearest Edge Shadows to see what they can do.

  • Alrik spaghettis one immediately
  • Finn opens fire, but misses
  • Three Shadows attack Alrik, two successfully
  • One Shadow tries to attack Finn, but fails
  • Joe obliterates one with a punch
  • Alrik shreds another
  • Finn opens fire again, and pops the remaining Shadows

Anton congratulates them for defeating some of the weakest things in existence. There's sarcastic applause behind the group, coming from a nearby Edgelord. Akira, of the Edge Eight! Anton punches Akira in the mouth, attempting to interrupt the monologue, but to no avail. Alrik slashes Akira's face!

  • Akira's sword opens its maw to bite Alrik powerfully
  • Finn shifts to shark form and attacks Akira with an anchor
  • Joe punches Akira through the rock behind him
  • Alrik tries to attack, but Akira blocks
  • Akira charges his sword with a miasma of his own life force and attacks Joe
  • Finn suplex drops with the anchor onto Akira, ending the fight!

The group heads off into the desert...

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