Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 19

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The folks outside the ship run back inside to rescue the civilians and Finn. Adell heads to level 29, dropping Alrik and Ri off on level 18 along the way. All the werewolves seem lost and confused. Alrik tries to convince them to follow him out, but they show more interest in Ri at first. Roughly half of them follow without much prompting. Alrik goes over to Liam to talk about what to do about the lost and confused state everyone is in. They escort all the wolves down to the ground outside (which is currently level 3).

Adell arrives in the throne room on level 29 to see Finn come to for a bit, check on everyone else, then pass out again when Adell assures him everyone survived. Adell checks on the Alpha, then busts out a window to fly out to the ground with Finn.

Alrik and Ri prepare to head back up after the serum to cure the wolves of whatever Viktor did to them, just as Adell arrives on the scene. Finn comes to again, and the group discusses the state the Alpha is in, as well as the state Finn is in. The wolves move to surround the group from the moment Finn arrives, as everyone realizes that Finn is now the pack's alpha. Finn orders them up to escort folks out of the ship, which they immediately do, resulting in screaming from the Jackalopians above. Finn is handed off to Liam in order to go fix this new complication, and Ri goes along to help calm his people.

Adell and Alrik head to level 20 to retrieve the serum. They arrive in a lab that was used to perform all kinds of cybernetic experimentation, and eventually arrive at an area filled with chemicals. Alrik starts looking around, and the emotion of the situation comes crashing in, interrupting. Adell tries to help him focus. This is when Viktor shows up again. He's returned this time as a hologram, with no further intent to harm the group, since he no longer has the ability to do so. They manage to talk Viktor's ghost into helping them clean up his mess. He directs them to the correct locations for the serum, as well as regeneration vials, before shutting himself off. They fly up the elevator shaft the rest of the way to level 29.

Meanwhile, on level 22, Finn and Ri arrive. The Jackalopians are all in a highly unhealthy state, physically and mentally. Ri growls, and Finn gives the order to stop dragging folks away. After a quick pep talk from Finn, Ri pulls himself together enough to walk into the nearest cell and talk to the folks there on a more individual level. He is recognized by one of his sisters, Ashley, who gives him a letter from their mother. He reads it there and then, adding his own tear marks to the letter alongside his mother's. As he does so, some of the others start to stir, recognizing him and breaking out of their stupor. Pocketing the letter, he tells the others that it's time to get out, go home, and rebuild. He spends as much time as needed to convince each and every individual to leave, as Finn has Liam carry him up the rest of the way to 29.

On 29, Alrik and Adell face the Alpha. Alrik administers some of the regen serum, and the crushed larynx starts to heal. Then Adell removes the Alpha's collar, then injects the cure serum through one of the existing injection sites. The effect is delayed, but then the Alpha starts going crazy, pain wracking him momentarily, before finally collapsing in relief. He then promptly starts to steam, as he reverts to humanoid form, shedding much of the fur of his wolf form in the process. Alrik reacts strongly to seeing his father naked; Adell tries to find something to cover the man with, but nothing comes to hand, so he simply slings the man over his back, and they depart for the lower levels.

That's the moment Finn arrives on 29, with Liam commenting that something has changed with the pack bond. Seeing the throne room empty, and hearing the others in the elevator shaft arguing about how Alrik isn't meant to fly, Finn uses the last of his Myth to heal some of his wounds. Liam comments that Alrik seems happy with the group, to the tune of Alrik and Adell continuing to argue.

Eventually, everyone is outside. All of the wolves and rabbits have similar cybernetics to Alrik and Ri. A fleet of buses arrives with Jacob and an army of UwUs. They all have katanas! Soon it's revealed that Wheelchair Sensei is with the group, and has been training them. And then a door explodes off the side of the ship, as Joe punches it off its mounts and comes to join the group again, BugBug in tow. They have prisoners, consisting of the scientists from the ship, cuffed with some of BugBug's famous bondage spaghetti.

It is determined that the wolves will be returning to Hollowgrove, with a distraction where Liam and the group try to convince Alrik to fight Finn for the alpha role, but Alrik declines. The Alpha awakens, and now properly clothed, approaches Alrik to talk some confidence back into him. That done, he goes over to punch Finn in the gut, but Finn doesn't go down. He moves up to where he can be seen, and addresses the crowd. Those who want to return home can, but the rest are to prep and spread the word of the cause. Adell turns to Ri and the other Jackalopians to see what they're planning. Ri is "still good for this, but I won't ask them to join me". Adell pledges owing one to Ri, which Ri will take him up on later when the time is right. Ri's sister, holding his hand, asks if he's leaving them again, and he gently confirms that he has to. "Nothing like this can ever be allowed to happen again." As for the other Jackalopians, Jacob and the UwUs will ferry them back home to Utah, except for the ones who want to join the fight, who stay in Camp Moon Moon to train.

This is when Alrik decides to finally pull Liam aside and confess his feelings, with a full-on kiss. Ri nearly interrupts the moment, but Adell has his hand over Ri's mouth to prevent it, even though Adell himself is also fighting the urge to interject. Liam joins the rest of the wolves in returning to Hollowgrove, resolving to train them for the coming encounter. Adell and Liam have a "friendly" competition of trading insults over a coming rematch, which has to be interrupted twice to get it to stop escalating. ("Put it back in your pants!")

Jacob shakes everyone's hands before leaving, giving them the bus they've been using, as a gift. In that moment, Moon Moon repaints it with hot pink racing flames, and the large lettering "Operation: Hotblood". And thus the HotMobile is born! The group finally sets off on the next step of their adventure.

What will they get themselves into next time?

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