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{ Note: This session was twice as long as a regular session generally ends up, so the recap is similarly longer to match. }

The group drives to the City of Pumpustry to spend some of their winnings. On arrival, the smell of industry overpowers Alrik's and Finn's noses, so Alrik uses his shirt to make a makeshift face mask, much to Ri's pleasure. They make their way to The Armory, and Finn upgrades from his twelve flintlocks to twelve mechanical revolvers. Adell purchases some new, form-fitting armor. The shopkeep (a Jackalopian redhead) turns to Alrik, who gets some looser armor, handguards to give some more tearing ability to his claws, and an upgraded bracelet for the clan charm he got from Trion. Ri flirts with the shopkeep for a bit before having Valucia's armor altered to fit him instead. The group reacts strongly to Spidz, the shop's seamster, who has been altered to be spiderlike by Viktor. Joe has Vendetta's cloak altered into something more heroic.

Alrik, having stormed out of the shop upon hearing of Spidz's alterations, laments taking Viktor's deal instead of just killing him. Joe tries to comfort him by pointing out the plus sides of the alterations they've all been subjected to.

The group then goes to The Booty to acquire souvenirs. Finn gets a sharktooth charm for his anchor. They then return to the bus, with the exception of Alrik and Adell, who head back to The Armory. Alrik gets one more item, a collar that boosts his cybernetics. Adell wishes he could grab something to give him some extra luck, but the price is beyond his means. Spidz overhears that they're going to take on Viktor, and joins the group to help kill him.

Upon the three arriving at the bus, Finn demands to inspect Spidz, and then the group is distracted by Alrik's collar - they were just trying to take those off of people. As they move to head to Hollowgrove and Viktor, Joe points out that he's coming to them. It turns out that Trion's charm was bugged, and Viktor has been tracking them this entire time. On the outskirts of town, Viktor's drones fly out to create a portal, and the group heads toward it, carrying Valucia with. They face off with Viktor verbally, Alrik reading Viktor's thoughts at one point to ensure he's being truthful. It comes out that Viktor is trying to drain the life force of City of Pumpustry to reanimate a corpse - specifically, his daughter's. Viktor shows the group his lab on floor seven, claiming again to be the most human of anyone the group has met. As the group squares off to fight Viktor physically, he summons some drones to create another portal, and also calls Igor to the fight.

  • Alrik attacks the drones themselves, destroying half of them
  • Igor, huge and terrifying, tears the rest of the way into the room
  • Viktor phases Valucia through the floor
  • Ri uses Ghost to follow her down, then heals her back up partway
  • Valucia tries to absorb Ri's lifeforce, but he ducks out and headbutts her in the chin, so she runs off into the ship
  • Adell punches Viktor in the face hard enough to break the glass chamber behind him, the green mist inside pouring out and pooling near the floor
  • Finn shoots Viktor's daughter's remains through her father
  • Alrik smacks Viktor with his claws out, but Igor jumps in to intercept, so he damages the war puppet instead
  • Viktor grabs his daughter and Ghosts through the floor, flying past Ri on the level below
  • Igor punches Alrik with his giant fist, but he blocks the attack
  • Ri drops through the floor again, following Viktor to the ground outside the ship, superhero landing next to the fucker
  • Adell rapid punches Igor through three levels
  • Finn grabs Alrik and dives through the hole in the floor, using a cable to pirate swing down to the level Adell is on
  • Viktor blitzes behind Ri
  • Ri activates his metal spines, then Reality Slices at Viktor, but the fucker ghosts out of harm's way
  • Viktor reaches out to attack, but Ri manages to dodge
  • Ri starts to vibrate and uppercuts Viktor with Faze Strike
  • Viktor reaches out to attack again, and Ri dodges a second time

Meanwhile, back in the skyship, the group tries to figure out how to reach Ri. They decide to use the elevator, cutting the cable so it simply drops away. Finn grabs the cable to zip upward while the other two race downward. They race toward the far wall.

  • Viktor attacks, plunging his hand into Ri's belly
  • Ri downloads the ability to use his sword, but Viktor catches it

Adell crashes through the wall, but there's no sign of Viktor and Ri from here. Adell flies out to start searching, while Alrik returns to the elevator to punch a hole through the floor. Ri and Viktor both dodge in different directions as the bottom point of the ship crashes to the ground. Adell spots Ri, grabbing the rabbit and flying him to safety.

Finn, meanwhile, thinking back through things that have happened in the past few days, realizes he needs to take on the Alpha, and heads to the throne room to do so.

Alrik drops to the ground near Viktor, who has been carrying his daughter away from the fallen debris.

  • Finn powers up to attack, prompting a battle
  • The Alpha chomps on Finn
  • Finn switches to shark form to pop out of the maw
  • The Alpha bites again, but Finn is prepared to counter, doing even more damage to the Alpha than the Alpha did to him
  • Finn swings the anchor to attack, but the Alpha dodges
  • The Alpha bites yet again, and Finn counters again
  • Finn swings the anchor again, and actually connects, generations of sailors' spirits standing behind him as he crashes the Alpha through the throne itself

Adell has just dropped Ri off to heal, and heads up to assist Finn.

  • Alrik and Viktor converse about Viktor's plans to come back stronger after all this destruction, and Alrik's unwillingness to let him, then Alrik attacks, but Viktor ghosts through it
  • Viktor attacks by blitzing through Alrik, taking a piece of liver with him
  • Alrik runs at Viktor, swiping at his face, but Viktor ghosts through the attack again
  • Viktor heals his wounds, "I compliment you for getting this far, but you never really had a chance."
  • The Alpha tries to attack, but flails it
  • Finn charges, slamming his anchor into the floor next to the Alpha
  • The Alpha chomps down again, with Finn counter attacking
  • Finn lets out a roar, charging the Alpha into the wall, crushing the larynx until he passes out, the ancestor sharks looking on again

Adell witnesses this defeat, and drops back down toward Alrik's battle instead, since Finn no longer needs help. Ri pops over to the center of the ship to see what's going on below.

  • Alrik rapid attacks Viktor, who ghosts through every blow
  • Viktor's arms extend through Alrik, spearlike

Ri looks up just in time to see Adell coming down, and they manage not to collide. They fly down to the ground and Viktor's daughter's corpse, where Adell uses Salamander Cloak to cremate the remains. The spirit of the girl appears, saying "thank you" before fading away. Adell screams out to get Viktor's attention, and succeeds in raising the bastard's ire.

  • Alrik rapid attacks Viktor again, connecting hard this time thanks to Viktor's distraction; his lab coat flies away in the wind
  • Viktor blitzes to Adell, then attempts to call on reinforcements; drones come to create a portal, but nothing comes through
  • Ri ducks behind the fallen debris and heals a bit more
  • Adell rushes in, fist cocked, and blasts Viktor with a clean fiery uppercut
  • Alrik charges in to attack, but Viktor ghosts out
  • Viktor powers back up
  • Ri charges in, powering his attack with hot blooded energy
  • Alrik and Adell simultaneously unleash a hot blooded flurry of blows, completely obliterating Viktor's body and cremating the bits

"I think I gave you that same look when you had me on the table. How does it feel?" are the last words Viktor hears.

The ship comes down out of the sky, and Alrik grabs Adell, who grabs Ri as they all dash out of the way. The group heads back to the ship after it settles, to help rescue the captives. Before they can get inside, Viktor punches his way out of the ship! Adell attacks, doing an appreciable amount of damage, and Viktor starts ranting. In the distance, Moon Moon looks at the characters from between his legs, then slips "offscreen" before Viktor suddenly stops ranting, looks down, and his upper half simply topples off. Adell incinerates what's left, calling out "Thank you, Moon Moon!" as they all reboard the ship.

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