Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 17

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We open on Adell carrying Jacob down from the city-ship, the last one out the hole. Jacob is a bit butt-hurt about not having a role in the group or its fight. We montage to Camp Moon Moon to hop into vehicles, then montage to UHNW. Some hilarity ensues about having let Joe drive partway there. Things eventually calm down enough to get back on task.

Spring Break has finally ended, and clubs are trying to collect more members before the final months of the semester. The Blyatmobile's owner is finally reunited with his vehicle. The group is invited to participate in the Death Battle Club, and signs up as a group to go against Valucia and her cronies, should they accept the challenge. Most of the group gives names of family members instead of their own, except Finn. The group waits at a nearby fountain for the Death Battle to start. Finn and Alrik discuss their failure to kill Viktor, and their plans to take him out when next they meet. We then fast forward to the arena.

Both sides are introduced to the gathered crowd, and Valucia tells her companions to step back and let her take on the group herself. They comply, reverse-Naruto-running out of the way.

  • Valucia smiles at the group, and an energy starts pulling the group toward her
  • Alrik activates iron claws and fangs, then charges up to attack; Valucia doesn't move to defend at all, counter-attacking instead
  • Ri moves left, then reality slices, barely making a scratch
  • Adell lights up with fire, then flies up 50ft
  • Finn powers up, then runs right, to the corner of the arena
  • Valucia powers up a second aura
  • Alrik runs out of the aura
  • Ri runs out of the aura as well, then Reality Slices again with more focus, right through her heart
  • Adell flies further up, and over Valucia's head
  • Finn shoots Valucia from the corner of the arena, and she cries out in pleasure
  • Valucia zips over to Finn, but he dodges out of the way, counter attacking
  • Alrik shifts to wolf form
  • Ri regenerates and activates metal spines
  • Finn shifts to shark form
  • Adell moves back to directly over Valucia
  • Valucia reaches out to caress Finn again, but he blocks with a flex
  • Alrik runs over to box Valucia in, then attacks her, with a counter attack that doesn't actually connect
  • Valucia runs over to Ri, attacking with her blood
  • Ri attacks normally, connecting perfectly
  • Adell drops to Finn's shoulder, to benefit from the shark's increased speed
  • Finn hook attacks, tossing Valucia into the air, then suplexes her on the way down
  • Adell dropkicks her in the face, and Valucia passes out!

The crowd is taken aback by the defeat of their un-honorary invalid-victorian! Valucia's partners move in to attack.

  • Hashi Kunshu powers up
  • Alrik uses a running attack against both enemy combatants
  • Vendetta attacks Alrik, but our hero blocks; then he moves over to Finn
  • Ri reality slices Vendetta
  • Finn throws Adell over to Kunshu
  • Adell flood attacks Kunshu, taking him down
  • Alrik charge attacks Vendetta, but the jester manages to dodge
  • Vendetta attacks Alrik, who blocks
  • Finn attacks Vendetta, cratering him through a shield of knives
  • Ri juggernaut charges the jester, smashing him toward Alrik
  • Alrik puts his fighting spirit into one final attack, slashing Vendetta open

The crowd goes wild over this turn of events, feeling charged by the sheer carnage. The group loots the bodies before leaving the arena, and gets a massive payout for winning the fight. The group returns to the bus, and heads off to Camp Moon Moon!

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