Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 13

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( This episode opens with a quick summary of Alrik's backstory. )

We pick up where we left off, with the face-off between the cyberwolves and Alrik, Finn, and Ri. Liam blitzes over to Alrik, taking his chin in hand, and starts trying to talk him into the fold. Finn hooks Liam with his anchor and yeets him back toward the wolves, through two trees on the way. The remaining wolves move in, circling the group.

BugBug runs off chasing a blonde wolf, who is carrying one of "his" UwUs. The wolf that originally attacked, a brown, sniffs at Rose, then ignores her, grabbing a second UwU and dashing out of range.

  • Adell moves to intercept the brown and its destination
  • The brown bites, but Adell catches the jaws
  • Adell breathes fire right down the brown's throat
  • The brown focuses on regenerating the damaged areas
  • Adell triple flame punches the brown, landing all the hits
  • The brown moves to flee, but the collar reasserts control, and it attacks, but Adell manages to block
  • Adell breaks the collar

The brown drops and writhes in pain on the ground. Adell moves the UwU and Rose to a safer location, then to help his friends.

  • One of the wolves, a blue, attacks Finn, who blocks
  • A gray attacks Alrik, and connects
  • A red attacks Ri, and also connects
  • Alrik gains a metallic sheen and strikes, but the gray dodges
  • Ri's arms start to fuzz, and he attacks the red, leaving a scratch
  • Finn goes to attack all three wolves, but the red dodges, so only the other two take the hit.
  • The red attacks Ri again, knocking him out
  • The gray attacks Alrik again, connecting again, and removing his right arm
  • The blue attacks Finn, who blocks with his anchor
  • Alrik shifts to wolf form, sprouting spines
  • Finn goes to attack all three wolves again, connecting only with the blue and the red
  • The red dashes into the forest
  • The blue tries to attack Finn, but misses
  • The gray tries to attack Alrik, but also misses
  • Alrik attacks the gray, connecting hard,
  • Finn knocks down the blue, then advances on Liam
  • Adell arrives, notes that Ri isn't with the rest of the group, and resolves to save the rabbit
  • Liam rushes Finn, stabs, jumps, and slashes a gash up to Finn's shoulder
  • Alrik rushes over, but Liam manages to dodge, barely
  • Finn hooks Liam, who then manages to acrobat his way out of the attack
  • Adell rockets ahead toward the red
  • Liam lands from his acrobatics, hitting Finn
  • The red gets distracted from running away by Adell's fireball streaking toward it, stopping
  • Alrik charges Liam, and hits hard enough for knockback
  • Finn throws Liam to the ground, then plunges the anchor down after
  • Adell arrives, and says "Drop him!"
  • Liam shifts to three-headed-dragon form
  • Alrik charges, leaps, and tears off the collar, to Liam's annoyance and rage
  • Finn tries to anchor punch Liam, but misses
  • Adell tries to remove the red's collar, but it dances out of the way
  • Liam takes to the air, lifting Alrik with telekinesis
  • The red finally drops Ri, attacking Adell successfully
  • Alrick shoots Liam with his spine
  • Finn uses his anchor as a hook to pull Alrik down to the ground
  • Adell tries for the collar again, but misses again
  • Liam watches as part of Camp Moon Moon vanishes in a green sphere of energy, then races away
  • The red, seeing the flash of green, moves to scoop up Ri again, but Adell grabs the jaws before they can connect
  • Adell, fueled by thoughts of Finn, triple flame punches the red's uvula, and it falls over

Adell picks up Ri and walks back to the rest of the group, who are returning to human form. Joe finally arrives on the scene, then stops in her tracks after spotting that Finn is entirely naked. They discuss what just happened, then proceed back to the springs to heal. They confront Moon Moon about the state of the camp. Joe returns Alrik's arm, trying to get it to reattach. Ri comes back to awareness, asking what he missed. Adell recruits Ri to join the team!

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