Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 10

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The group hops into the Blyatmobile to head for Gorgon's cave. Along the way, they encounter Kenny, with no small amount of shenanigans with Joe being a fangirl. They eventually arrive at a cave, and go inside. With a "Buenos dias, fuckboys!", the cave illuminates to show off another horde of skeletons, led by a giant Fuckboss. Finn and Alrik shift to animal forms!

  • Alrik attacks two skeletons; one blocks
  • The Fuckboss winds up to attack Alrik, so he dodges out of the way
  • Finn anchor drops, but the Fuckboss dodges
  • Adell sets fire to four of the seven skeletons in range
  • Joe powers up
  • The skeleton mob attacks, but the group absorbs
  • The Fuckboss feints into a cyclone attack, hitting Finn and Joe
  • Alrik attacks the Fuckboss, connecting successfully
  • Finn flings the Fuckboss into the cave's pool
  • Adell flies up to set fire to more of the crowd, succeeding at taking out three skeletons
  • Joe punches at the Fuckboss, but he dodges
  • The skeleton mob attack Adell and Alrik, doing more damage to themselves than the heroes
  • Alrik smacks the Fuckboss with his claws extended
  • The Fuckboss feints into another cyclone attack, hitting everyone
  • Finn charge-attacks the Fuckboss with his anchor
  • Adell firebombs again, killing one skeleton
  • Joe superhero kicks at the Fuckboss, but misses
  • The skeleton mob attacks Alrik and Adell again, but Alrik absorbs the damage, and Adell dodges
  • Alrik attacks the Fuckboss, dealing a bunch of damage
  • The Fuckboss cyclone attacks again, hitting everyone
  • Finn plants his anchor into the shore, then Bautista Bombs the Fuckboss into it
  • Adell firebombs again, killing one again
  • Joe knife kicks, shouting "Take this, fuckboy!", and shatters the Fuckboss's skull
  • The skeleton mob flees

They opt to rest and heal in the Blyatmobile on their way back to Witch Town, which the Fuckboss has told them is where Gorgon has already gone to wreak havoc. They pick up Kenny along the way. Arriving at Witch Town, the dome is gone and there is a column of smoke rising into the sky. "Heroics, then boobs!" Joe observes. Drow has gotten free, presumably with Gorgon's help, and shoots Merlina point blank in the chest before tossing her at the group. With her dying breath, Merlina transfers her Witch's Seal to Joe. Finn gives Joe a pirate pep talk to try to get her back into fighting spirit, then passes the reins to Alrik when that fails. Alrik succeeds!

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