Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Hotblood/Recaps/Session 1

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Three of our heroes (Alrik, Adell, and Gus) enter a bar in the City of Xero, and are promptly tossed out for being insulting to the other customers. Joe is called in to "deal with these villains", and proceeds to attack, doing her level best to defeat our heroes. Until the order comes to finish them off. Superheroes don't "finish them off", so she refuses. Xero, leader of the city using his name, decides that's the point where they all need to be tossed out of the city itself, Joe included. All four land in the lake of pure Edge surrounding the City of Xero, being pulled out at the last moment by a pair of unlikely rescuers, Finn and Anton. The group gets as far as dubbing Anton "Evil Santa" before we throw up the To Be Continued and cut to credits.

(In the video, this is the point where all the players participate in fleshing out the world map, but that's not part of the events of the session itself.)

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