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Hey hey hey hey! Wanna here a story? Well do yeah do yeah do yeah? Ok so this story is called "Operation Hotblood!" It's the story of how I became (pauses for dramatic effect) A SUPER HERO! Of course the story's not finished yet xD. But anywho, anywho, my name is Josephine, Joe for short. I'm 12 years old, I'm a jester, and I have super strength, like all real superheroes do. Traveling alongside me are my amazing friends and sidekicks! Alric, my doggy, Fin Sharkman, my fishy, Bug Bug, he's a bug, if you couldn't tell by the name, and Addell, my fire breathing lizard. If you couldn't tell, I'm something of an animal lover. Hm? About me? I just told you about me dummy! Huh? My origin story? Ummmmm, well, when I was just a little girl, maybe 4 or 5, my Momma and Pappa brought me to the city of Xer0. They took me to the middle of the square and told me to wait for them, and then they must of got lost or something cuz a couple of days went by and I coudldn't find them anywhere. I know don't worry, I'm cool with it, who needs parents right? All they do is boss you around and make you eat your vegetables and love your unconditionally and stuff, and who needs all that noise am I right? Anywho, I got taken in by the Edgelords, who despite being evil (I didn't know that till later) make surprisingly good parents! They used to teach me all the best brooding positions, leaving me to practice for 8 hours a day in tavern corners. I'm pretty good at it now :3. And on those days that I was extra restless, they would lock me in a room all by myself and I got to watch as many cartoons as I wanted! And that's how I learned about superheroes! They're so cool with their long capes and their whooooooosh! Swoooooo! KABLAMOOOOO! So I decided that's what I'm gonna be when I grow up! And now I'm traveling together with my friends and we're on a mission to save everyone from the evil Lord Xer0! Do you wanna see what happens next??? Well do yeah do yeah do yeah?


The Heart


  • Str 16
  • Dex 10
  • Int 2(+5 with Merlina's voice)
  • W 1
  • Spd 5
  • Player: Codi