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Finn Sharkman


Finn Sharkman was born in the coastal town of Sailorton to Harriot and Leeanne Sharkman. Despite a turbulent youth, Finn became a fisher like his father and eventually a sailor aboard the famed pirate vessel, the Maw and Scrimshaw. He was known as the greatest deckswab you could find for miles, which while less impressive while at sea, was a feat when the Maw and Scrimshaw was in port.


man-shark ambassador


  • Speed: ?
  • Player: Evan


Early life[edit]

Finn was born in Sailorton, growing up under his father's guide to become a fisher, as was how his family amassed their fortune. However, it was also at this young age that his uncle, Sean McKinley introduced him to the world of privateering and pirating and invited him aboard his ship, the Scrimshaw.

Sailing Career[edit]

Aboard the Scrimshaw, Finn began as a deck swab and continued this way until he was twenty and his uncle was murdered by a pirate lord, Captain Neckbeard. After his uncles death, Finn rose up and became captain through a process of several mutinies. Though he attempted multiple times to avenge his uncle and kill Captain Neckbeard, not one attempt was a success and so Finn abandoned his pirating life and returned back ashore.

Current Day[edit]

Now Finn travels the land with a group of companions and cohorts to eliminate edge lords from the land and exact revenge on captain neckbeard

Honors, decorations, awards and distinctions[edit]

At the age of 14, Finn won the bi-annual Sailorton Fish-Fest with a 4 foot long mackerel. Additionally, at the age of 23, he inherited his family's name right after his father's passing and became a were-shark.

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