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Welcome to part two of our first-ever Hotbloods/Coldbloods crossover, Operation: Blood Feud!

We skip the recap this time, partly because I hadn't written last week's at the time, and partly because it's a two-parter!

We open on the Coldbloods in their limo, as the engine stops working. They've been going in circles for a while. Nobody's a mechanic, but they split up anyway, sending Oz, Darkedge, and Peanut into town for parts while Lily, Alistar, Lassiter, and Gus remain behind. Peanut wants Darkedge's phone number, so he reluctantly shares it. Oz spots another trio of folks approaching - it's Alrik, Joe, and Luna!

We cut to the Hotbloods, where Luna describes Barnabus and the sand conspiracy. Joe takes it very seriously! She wants to go save the folks on the beach, but Alrik manages to talk her down.

The moment Oz recognizes Joe, he zooms through the air at her. When she spots him, she charges in to meet him. Oz comes in hot enough to knock them both over, but they quickly recover and hug. And then Joe begins introducing her "cunts" - Alrik is her "best cunt", while Luna is her big sister. This is when Peanut and Darkedge arrive, and they discover both groups are facing car troubles. They decide to travel together to town, while the kids entertain each other with rock-paper-scissors. Luna continues spouting parts of the Barnabus conspiracy. Joe hugs Peanut, and then asks if Oz's group can come with them. Alrik says they'll "think about it", but for the moment, focus on the task at hand. Peanut takes the opportunity to ask where Alrik is from, which he answers and explains. Peanut then mentions she's from "Papa's Sky House", and gestures to indicate what she means, but the Hotbloods completely miss the reference. Luna, meanwhile, starts mumbling about the 18-foot gorilla knowing several of the secret hand signs of Barnabus' cult. Darkedge relates some of his backstory, and Joe offers to help him with The Cabal. This is the second time she gets told someone will "think about it". Oz mentions Liam, and Joe asks whether that's the werewolf that almost made Alrik pregnant (breaking Haley). Alrik asks how Oz met Liam, and the answer is vague enough not to raise enough red flags to do anything about it. Luna says something else about Barnabus, and Alrik slaps her over it, with much hilarity ensuing.

When they finally arrive at the town, they split into three groups: Darkedge and Peanut in one group, Joe and Oz in another, leaving Alrik with Luna. Peanut eats. Oz flies Joe around a bit, and they chat about their shared past before deciding to spar in the middle of town.

  • Oz drops Joe, catching her at the last moment
  • Joe throws Oz into the ground
  • Oz puts up "a valley" of knives around Joe, who manages to dodge
  • Joe rushes Oz with a "Dark Larianette", but he trips her
  • Oz chats instead of attacking
  • Joe swings an uppercut, and even though Oz throws up a force field, Joe shatters it
  • Oz draws a knife and attacks with it, but Joe catches it
  • Joe taunts instead of returning the attack
  • Oz forms a knife coffin around Joe, whose cape blocks most of the damage, but not all
  • Joe stamps the ground into a "Super Hero Burning Kick", which Oz barely dodges
  • Oz demonstrates one of his new moves, a Myth ray, but Joe jumps out of the way
  • Joe blitzes toward Oz, her fist aflame, and nearly nails Oz in the face, but misses on purpose since they're just sparring.

This is when a police officer shows up to break up the duel. We cut back to Alrik and Luna, who are discussing Alrik's problems. He ... has a lot of them. The biggest one is knowing that he recognizes Peanut's scent, but not the gorilla herself. They don't quite resolve the issue before the Darkedge and Peanut return, and then two calls come in at once. The kids are in police custody! Alrik rushes to intercept, and after some back and forth where he finally, out loud, claims to be Joe's father, Joe simply pops the door off of the vehicle and climbs out, unsuccessfully trying to stick the door back in place afterward. Oz gets out at some point in this process, and that's when Peanut arrives on the scene. The police officer decides it's safer to just abandon the scene, and peels away. Alrik tries to determine what was going on for the two to be picked up by the police. They argue a bit about the merits of sparring in the middle of a town, then finally get the call about the parts lists. They regroup at the gas station to coordinate their efforts and ask for directions to a parts shop. They discover that there is a place, but it's across town and closes in 15 minutes. The race is on!

  • Alrik shifts to wolf form and blitzes out the door
  • Oz flies after
  • Joe kicks off to join the race!
  • Peanut shoots her tongue out to try to trip Alrik, but the wolf smacks the tongue away, so she just pulls herself forward

Darkedge calls the parts store to let them know folks are coming and to stay open a bit longer for them. Since the others have already left, they have no clue he did this. But for the first "leg" of the race, the order is:

 Alrik - Oz - Joe - Peanut
  • Joe kicks off again
  • Peanut "spider-ape" swings
  • Oz switches to skating on wheels made of knives
  • Alrik catapults off of a pair of light poles
 Joe - Alrik - Peanut - Oz
  • Oz summons more knives to get some lift
  • Peanut shortcuts by going in a direct line through an S curve instead of following it
  • Alrik scales buildings and such to gain some altitude as well as distance and nearly slams into one of the walls Peanut just ran through
  • Joe claps out a tornado to blast herself forward more
 Joe - Oz - Alrik - Peanut
  • Peanut uses part of a building to skateboard along the road
  • Alrik summons puppy werewolves to distract Joe and Oz ("I knew you were pregnant!")
  • Oz grinds a Myth rail to head down a hill
  • Joe switches to running, flaming feet driving her onward
 Oz - Alrik - Joe - Peanut
  • Peanut chucks a billboard at Alrik, who uppercuts it to destroy the board
  • Joe rides along atop a car
  • Alrik transforms his feet into rocket boots
  • Oz creates a jet engine from summoned knives
 Oz - Alrik - Joe - Peanut
  • Peanut rushes forward to chuck Oz forward across the finish line
  • Joe jumps off the car and leaps off a ramp to blast toward the shop
  • Alrik latches on to Peanut's arm to gain the same boost of momentum that Oz has, using the rocket boots to counter any drag
  • Oz throws up a system shield, and faze step to prevent huge amounts of damage
 Alrik - Oz - Peanut - Joe!

Alrik and Oz arrive at the same moment, Alrik breaking through the door as Oz fazes through the building. The clerk is barely fazed by the broken door or the flash of Oz flying through without actually touching anything. Oz stumbles in a moment later, falling flat on his face. Alrik rushes over to see if the boy is ok. Shortly after that, Joe arrives, somersaulting through the doorway into Alrik's back. Alrik orders/gathers the parts, and Oz pays. A ridiculous receipt prints out, and they turn to head back to the gas station. Peanut is in a standoff against an automatic door, but they manage to get her turned around, too, to notice the mushroom cloud created by the volleyball game in the far distance. Worried, they begin the long trek back to the beach.

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