Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 7

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The group begins by destroying what's left of the circus. Alistar decapitates folks, eating their souls, while Nekros flies around setting things on fire. Peanut is trapped under a burning collapsed tent, presumably the one the House of Mirrors was in, until Nekros flies over to pull it off her, then send her running directly to the limo. There's an argument about whether Gus will consume the soul of a child, which ends when Alistar threatens to kill a pregnant woman for him instead. While all of this is happening, Lily carries Oz back to the limo and sits in the passenger seat in silence, and Lassiter rides around on his bicycle. Eventually, they all pile into the limo and take off for Viktor's ship.

Alistar drives as crazy as ever, with the associated hilarity, then tries to convince Lily that Oz's death is so impermanent that it's not worth crying over. He switches on the radio, only to have Nekros set herself ablaze when banjos come on. He quickly turns the radio back off.

They arrive! Viktor sends down some drones to make a doorway, and they file in, Lily still carrying Oz's body. Viktor leads the group to his lab to get Oz set up for revival. Darkedge is ready to come back to life. Alistar introduces him to the newcomers after he comes to, disoriented. Darkedge has been upgraded! But anyway, while they wait for Oz's resurrection, Peanut submits for upgrades, while the others explore the rest of the ship, specifically the science labs. Alistar notices a new kind of collar, and investigates more closely. He ultimately decides to swipe one from the cases. Gus threatens to tell Viktor about the theft. Alistar manages to talk him out of it through the art of distraction, and by telling him the hard truth that there's no going back from being made part demon. This is where Viktor pops in, tells them their friends are done being worked on, and offers to give them a hint about where they might go next.

They regroup in Viktor's lab, where Oz is fully reassembled, along with his clothing. Peanut has slightly thicker metal armor now. Oz comes to, then punches the pod door in his disorientation. They let him out, and then he goes over to Lily to see what's wrong with her. She comes to slowly, then latches on to Oz with a sudden hug. Alistar makes a big speech about how the group is one big family now. Which transitions into Viktor sharing his pointer on where they should go next. They can either go to the Four Kings in the Beast Mech Land, or they can head to Vaticity where a former ally is being converted into an Edgelord. Oz decides that Vaticity makes more sense - heroes always go after their friends. So that's their destination! They set out, with a couple of small exceptions. Viktor wants to talk to Alistar before he leaves, and Nekros wants the info she came to see him for. As Nekros flies south, the rest of the group heads north, toward Vaticity, by way of the City of Xero!

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