Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 6

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The group begins already at the Falling Fuckbois Flying Circus, just outside the House of Mirrors! As they enter, they hear an excited giggle. Walking in further, they spot a clown as it vanishes around a corner. On further inspection, the clown steps back out - from both sides of the passage at once. There are dozens of them, and more every moment!

  • Oz creates a sphere of knives to take out as many reflections as possible at once. Nearly all of the clones shatter!
  • Lassiter dashes through the crowd and stabs everything
  • Lily uses her rose to flood attack one of the flesh clowns, but misses entirely, shattering a mirror instead
  • Nekros shoots the other with a feather-rocket, then powers up - but the clown has swapped places with one of its clones!
  • The first clown starts to juggle 11 knives in the air, then starts throwing them at Oz - who is nearly knocked out
  • The second clown attacks Peanut, who blocks with one of the walls of mirrors
  • The third clown also attacks Peanut, and connects
  • Peanut tongue lashes a clown, but it manages to dodge
  • Oz complains about his sweater being decimated yet again, then flies over to the clowns and attacks them all at once! One dodges.

At this point, Alistar rejoins the group, Gus slung over a shoulder.

  • Alistar takes a moment to figure out what he's missed, then reacts strongly to Oz's weakened state by attacking the clown closest to him. It connects, stabbing the clown repeatedly until there's not much left. The other looks on in horror.
  • Lassiter uses a pair of card decks to attack the remaining clown, splitting it in half

The battle won, Oz heals up, and the group loots the bodies. Alistar checks that Oz is ok: "I stabbed that clown. A lot. For you." The group converses a bit about their next steps and what to do with the loot. Then they press forward, further into the maze. Peanut, Lassiter, and Oz get turned around and lost in the maze, leading to probably the best line in the series to date: "How do we lose the giant gorilla?!!! That shouldn't be possible!!!" They bring Lassiter back to the group with the smell of money. Oz, meanwhile, encounters a third clown, this one holding a rapier.

  • Oz immediately attacks with a wall of knives.
  • The clown copies Oz's speed and dexterity, then attacks with its own Infinity Weapon, duplicate rapiers coming from all the surrounding mirrors
  • A fourth clown exits a mirror with a hammer, which it power attacks Oz using
  • Oz attacks both with a whirlwind of destruction, as the rest of the group tries to catch up; only the one with the hammer is damaged
  • Alistar arrives, and blitzes into attack range, unleashing on the hammer clown, who dodges with hammer-related acrobatics, but not fully successfully
  • Lassiter strikes with the knives, taking out the clown with the rapier
  • Lily charges up, then aims with her rose at the hammer clown, which manages to dodge.
  • The hammer clown attacks everyone in range, killing Oz! Nekros and Peanut are the only ones out of range

Peanut, at this moment, is licking a mirror...

  • Nekros powers up with a Third Eye
  • Alistar, enraged, destroys the hammer clown by removing a hand, impaling it, and feeding it to a shadow maw

Lily rushes to Oz, distraught. They vow to burn the circus down, and Nekros "helpfully" sets herself on fire to start burning the tent. As the group tries to evacuate, they all end up in a completely different hall of mirrors - an endless plain of mirrors in every direction! A fifth clown, Diane, shows up, twirling the collar on a finger.

  • Lassiter attacks immediately, but Diane swaps places with Alistar to avoid it
  • Diane powers up with Future Sight
  • Lily surrounds Diane with seals
  • Nekros, Salamander Cloak still active, fires a feather-rocket at Diane, but it swaps places with Lily this time, who successfully manages to block
  • Peanut climbs the central pillar that Alistar is now atop of, and powers up
  • Alistar eats a soul to regain health
  • Lassiter powers up an armor, then attacks Diane again with his cards
  • Diane powers up with Dark Mantle
  • Lily flood-attacks Diane, who reflects the attack back on Lily
  • Nekros powers up, and fires another feather-rocket, but Diane dodges
  • Peanut tries to lick Diane, who dodges again
  • Alistar eats the other clown soul to heal more
  • Lassiter moves closer to Diane, then goes berserk
  • Diane takes control over Peanut's mind
  • Lily tries to cause Diane Pain, but that fails
  • Nekros powers up more, and fires another feather-rocket, which Diane reflects
  • Alistar powers up, opening his Seer Eye
  • Lassiter attacks Peanut, with no effect
  • Diane uses its control over Peanut to attack Lassiter, who dodges
  • Lily attacks Diane, who swaps places with Nekros
  • Nekros powers up more, then attacks Diane, who dodges
  • Alistar blitzes to Diane and attacks with the benefit of Future Sight
  • Lassiter attacks Lily, missing
  • Diane makes Peanut attack Alistar, who barely dodges; Peanut ends up eating a mirror
  • Lily pulls a bit more health out of the cut on Diane's cheek
  • Nekros attacks, and Diane dodges, but catches herself on fire a bit in the process
  • Alistar cuts himself, feeding his shadowmaw to power up the attack, and Diane swaps with Nekros, who takes a massive hit
  • Lassiter finally attacks Lily, hitting her thrice
  • Diane tumbles beneath Nekros to land standing over Oz, then has Peanut attack Lassiter, who successfully dodges
  • Lily tries to attack Diane, but she blocks
  • Nekros attacks, and hits this time, doing some damage to herself in the process
  • Alistar swaps Lily and Diane, then attacks Diane, who then swaps again with Lassiter, who in turn takes the damage
  • Lassiter attacks Diane again, who fails to block
  • Diane has Peanut attack Lily, who dodges by dropping over Oz's body to shield him from the tongue as well
  • Lily attacks Peanut, trying to snap her out of it, but to no avail
  • Nekros attacks, but Diane dodges
  • Alistar attacks Peanut to snap her out of it, but Peanut doesn't manage to break free
  • Lassiter attacks Diane, connecting
  • Diane has Peanut attack Alistar, who blocks
  • Lily attacks Diane successfully!
  • Nekros attacks Diane again, who swaps with Lily, who thankfully dodges
  • Alistar uses his last attack against Diane, holding her in place so Lily can implode her

Then Peanut comes to, and the World of Mirrors falls apart. Nekros sets fire to all the bodies after they are looted of all their health and items. The group finds themselves back in the burning House of Mirrors, and they proceed to evacuate.

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