Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 3

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We rewind ever so slightly as the group tries to bring Oz up to speed before they take off. Allister laments not getting to eat Darkedge's soul, and we discover that Oz was actually outside last episode, fighting off any additional rebels. Allister's relationship with Viktor is revealed - they swap bodies from time to time! Lily changes her outfit magically, impressing Allister, at least. They all pile into the limo and take off! Ten hours later, they arrive in Motor Hotsprings, a small town with a gas station and a lot of car maintenance shops. They pull into the gas station, and Allister moves Darkedge's body into the trunk, where the smell will be less potent. Some limbs may have been broken in this process. A process which is seen plain as day by the gas station attendant, who thinks better of helping out the limo's driver and tries to retreat back into the store. Allister doesn't approve of that course of action, so he grabs the poor fellow using magic, and insists "That'll be 40 on number 2". Naturally, the attendant starts to hyperventilate. Lily quips that Allister should keep his kinks to himself, prompting Oz to ask what a kink even is. Allister places his hands on Oz's shoulders: "I'm going to teach you all sorts of things!" Oz reacts by stabbing him in the gut. ("Bad touch!")

The poor attendant doesn't appreciate any of this, and flees the moment he has a chance. Inside, the cashier has not been paying any attention, until looking up at Allister, who has just come in to pay for the gas. Then he switches immediately to emptying the register into a plastic bag, thinking this is a robbery. Lily gets pulled in to run interference, hypnotizing Allister into calming the fuck down. Oz thanks her for the assistance. The cashier responds by putting the money back, then ringing up the gas Allister requested, before placing a phone call. Lily fills the tank while the group hurries to get back into the limo and ready to make a speedy departure. Allister requests help cauterizing his new wound, which Lily provides with the assistance of a handkerchief, some of the gasoline, and one of Oz's knives. They quickly return to bickering, before Lily goes back inside to convince the cashier not to make any trouble.

Inside, the cashier is nowhere to be found. Lily makes her way to the back room, just in case, and catches a bat meant for her head. In the back room are the cashier and two patrons, all cowering in fear. Lily's response to being attacked is to completely obliterate all three of them, then regain her composure. She heads out, sends Allister in to devour their souls, and then they all finally get in the limo to take off. Just as two police cars arrive on the scene.

Oz creates walls of knives between the patrol cars and the limo, decimating one of the patrol cars along with both cops inside. As they speed away, Oz leaning out one window to keep casting knife walls, Lily leaning out the other because she decided to hop in through the window rather than take the time to open the door first, and Peanut on top pounding the roof as a show of dominance, they eventually manage to pull away from both the police pursuit and the town itself. Though not without losing the driver's side mirror in the process. They head off to Awoooo Town, hoping that this time they won't be run out of it.

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