Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 2

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The group of resistance fighters enters the arena they've just blown a hole into, and the leader demands the group let him through to reach the oni samurai beyond them. The group resists being ordered around, as Alistar enters the scene, and laments being late for the edgelord tryouts. Lily offers to let him help them kill the villagers, and he perks up immediately. He then notes Peanut, complimenting her, then Darkedge, and then the battle starts.

  • Alistar powers up his shadow
  • Lily powers up her blood magic
  • The villagers' boss summons a trident, and throws it at Peanut, who dodges
  • Darkedge starts playing a spell song that heals all the edgelords
  • The villagers start attacking (hammerboys); Alistar blocks with a reflection effect, Lily dodges ("stranger danger"), and Peanut catches the villager's hammer
  • More villagers (spearmen) move in to attack; Alistar blocks with a demon claw, and Darkedge takes a hit
  • The final wave of villagers (pistoleers) attack next; Alistar blocks and Peanut's armor blocks all damage
  • Peanut eats a hammerboy
  • Alistar powers up his shadow more by slitting his own wrist to drain blood into it, then uses the shadow to attack the hammerboy who attacked him, consuming the villager in one move
  • Lily pulls blood from the dead, forging a sword from it
  • The boss attacks Alistar, who blocks with a reflection effect again
  • Darkedge continues playing
  • The hammerboys attack Lily, one of them connecting
  • The pistoleers attack Darkedge and Peanut, killing Darkedge but missing against Peanut
  • The spearmen attack Alistar and Lily, who both dodge cleanly
  • Peanut tries to eat the spearman who killed Darkedge, but the villager dodges
  • Alistar attacks the boss with his shadow, knocking the boss to his knees
  • Lily vampire bites the boss, but he blocks with his dagger bayonet
  • The boss focus attacks Lily, who dodges
  • The hammerboys attack everyone left standing; Alistar blocks, Lily blocks, and Peanut just lets the bullets ping off her
  • A pistoleer attacks Peanut, to no effect
  • The spearmen try to attack Alistar, but he blocks
  • Peanut tries again to eat the pistoleer who killed Darkedge, but misses again
  • Alistar attacks the same spearman, dismembering him so Peanut won't miss next time, then powers up more
  • Lily attacks four villagers with a blood drain effect, hitting all of them
  • The boss switches weapons, and attacks Lily successfully
  • The villagers surround Alistar, and each attacks him, unsuccessfully
  • Peanut snacks on the dismembered pistoleer, then powers up
  • Alistar attacks the boss with shadow tentacles, taking him out
  • Lily uses blood implosion to pull health from all the villagers she hit last time, destroying what's left of the boss
  • Two spearmen turn to flee, with the third attacking Alistar unsuccessfully
  • The remaining pistoleer attacks Alistar as well, also unsuccessfully
  • The hammerboys attack both Alistar and Lily, without success
  • Peanut eats one of the fleeing spearmen
  • Alistar's cloak eats the other fleeing spearman
  • Lily backs away, then sets traps around herself
  • The last spearman attacks Lily, connecting
  • The pistoleer attacks, unsuccessfully
  • The hammerboys attack unsuccessfully as well
  • Peanut smushes one of the hammermen
  • Alistar blitzes over to the last hammerman, ripping a blood spike from his leg and impaling his neck instead
  • Lily attacks both remaining combatants, dropping the pistoleer
  • The final spearman drops to her knees, then pulls herself together for one last throw at Lily, who blocks cleanly; the spearman drops back to her knees
  • Peanut eats her

The group discusses resurrecting Darkedge as their next objective, specifically going to Viktor to do so. Alistar eats the souls of all the dead. He then passes an invitation for Valucia to visit UHNW to the oni samurai. Lily refreshes her False Identity, catching Alistar by surprise, then Peanut assumes the form of the last person she ate. They all climb into the waiting limo to move toward Viktor!

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