Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 17

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The group confers a bit more about their plans to get in and defeat the Cyberpope, as well as the upgrades they've purchased. They finally settle on the storm drain, since they'll all fit, and Alistar can fly through instead of walking through rainwater. They arrive and have Peanut rip off the cover so they can enter, then replace it once they're all in. Eventually, they hear the fighting above, taking that as their cue to head in the rest of the way. They eventually arrive in the Outer Sanctum courtyard, and prep for a small scuffle with the guards outside the Inner Sanctum. They have Peanut open the grate by springing through the surface. Alistar follows, then Oz and Lily, causing the Inner Sanctum guard to retreat before the other two follow as well. They charge the door to the Inner Sanctum, only to have it slide open before they get there.

Within, the Cyberpope sits upon his giant throne. As the group enters, and the doors close behind them, the Pope addresses them, attempting to offer them an out. In return for destroying Alistar and ripping out Oz's implants, the Pope will allow them to flee unharmed. They turn down the offer and assume battle positions. The Pope's response: "Then perish," as he raises a hand to attack.

  • Lassiter becomes Eetzma (the Gorgon), then dashes in to attack; the Cyberpope's armor absorbs the attack
  • Oz powers up
  • Alistar powers up
  • Peanut powers up then moves forward
  • Lily powers up
  • The Pope's attack strikes everyone with a powerful doom laser; Lassiter dodges, Peanut takes the first hit, Lily gets pushed out of the way by Alistar, Alistar blocks with shadows, Oz dodges by flying upward, and Darkedge survives by pure luck as Alistar lends more shadows to block the attack from hitting him
  • Darkedge powers up then moves out of the laser beam's path
  • Eetzma creates a blood mist around herself and the Pope
  • Oz powers up, sharing his power with everyone in range
  • Alistar moves and powers up
  • Peanut powers up and moves to the side
  • Lily takes flight, then takes cover on a horse statue before attacking and connecting
  • The Pope moves out of the blood mist before it can affect him, then attacks in a cone
  • Darkedge moves over to hide behind another horse statue, then opens fire; the Pope blocks
  • Eetzma summons her trike and uses it to charge the Pope
  • Oz moves into range, then uses Reality Slice on the Pope, who absorbs the damage entirely
  • Alistar moves into range, then attacks with shadows, connecting
  • Peanut tries to grab the Pope but misses
  • Lily unleashes a flood of attacks against the Pope, dealing a small amount of damage
  • The Pope steps forward and shoves everyone away from him with an explosion of light
  • Darkedge summons a sandstorm
  • Eetzma powers up, then charges again, connecting yet again
  • Oz fires a Myth Ray at the spot the Pope was standing last, connecting hard, then moves toward the center of the sandstorm
  • Alistar powers up, then unleashes a flood of attacks against the Pope, connecting even harder
  • Peanut tries again to grab the Pope, misses horribly, then heads out of the sand
  • Lily summons a weapon, then charges into the sandstorm to attack the first thing she finds, but the attack glances off the Pope's armor
  • The Pope summons his own weapon, then does a 360° exploding strike to hit everyone in range, but most of them dodge
  • Darkedge opens fire again, the Pope blocking two of the three bullets, while the third hits, but ricochets off his armor
  • Eetzma charges again, but the Pope catches the trike with a burst of extreme luck
  • Oz shares his amps with Darkedge, then flies over to where the Pope was last seen
  • Alistar tries to find the Pope but fails
  • Peanut charges through the sand until she finds something to hit, finally successfully locking him in her jaw
  • Lily moves out of the sandstorm, then up outside the Pope's Burning Aura
  • The Pope attempts to break free but fails
  • Darkedge opens fire yet again, actually doing damage this time
  • Eetzma drops; Darkedge calls to Oz to retrieve their fallen comrade
  • Oz dives in, grabs Eetzma, then flies back out
  • Alistar calls out for Darkedge's help finding the Pope, then moves in and attacks, skewering him
  • Peanut bites down harder, to no avail
  • Lily heals herself
  • The Pope dies from sandstorm and poison damage

The group has Darkedge drop the sandstorm. Peanut continues munching on the Pope, but Alistar requests a chance to eat his soul. As he makes the attempt, it slips away into the System and the Pope's replacement body. Eetzma reverts to Lassiter, and Oz flies up to the Pope's throne. He tries to access the throne's controls, but as those require being plugged in, the others convince him not to, since Barnabus is set to become the next Cyberpope. That's Seraph's cue to fly Barnabus into the chapel. They hook him in, and he starts the process of taking over. Outside, there are wet footsteps, but the group seems not to notice. Alistar goes to join the battle outside but is interrupted by the Cyberpope's new body arriving in the chapel. Oz prevents Alistar from attacking head-on by casting a wall of knives in his path, just before the Pope summons a large collection of Anti-Magic Fields. Since the rest of the group relies on magic to do essentially anything offensive, this is to be a battle between angels!

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