Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 16

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Barnabus has been hooked up to the Insurgency's computer systems, and the group has healed up as they convene to review what they know and what they need to find out. They decide they need to know the Cyberpope's capabilities and fighting style, as well as the layout, armament, and personnel count of the palace/cathedral he lives within. There are three zones to the palace: the outer halls, the outer sanctum, and the inner sanctum. Nobody's ever seen the inner sanctum, so there's no data on it, but they'll have to be careful once they reach the outer sanctum. They decide someone needs to go in to gather more data, and elect Darkedge to go in, but not alone. So then they start to debate who will go with him. They eventually settle on Lassiter (currently in the form of Eetzma). Darkedge looks up their destination via brain computer before they set out. The group splits up again, with Darkedge and Eetzma heading to the Cyberpapal Palace, Lily and Oz heading out to the streets to gather intel there, and Peanut and Alistar staying with the Zionists to coordinate information sharing with the others.

The Palace team survey the perimeter for any information they can use. The walls seem to be extra busy with guards and such, but there are two ways in aside from the main entrance. A storm drain system, and a set of overhead power lines. They file the info away for later, then Darkedge covers them both in an illusion of being Deacons. They approach the main entrance, and are stopped to answer some questions. Deacon Johnson and Deacon O'Shaughnessy are allowed through the gates and sent to different spots within the walls. O'Shaughnessy - actually Eetzma - heads for the rec yard (in the outer sanctum), where a Bishop addresses them about why they've been late so often. He lets slip that over 40 Cardinals were sent to Electrovib to handle the issues there. Johnson - aka Darkedge - heads to an office in the outer halls to report in and fill in the associated paperwork. Eetzma patrols the south and then the north walls, then heads to reconnect with Darkedge, who has just finished the paperwork. They discuss their findings, and then Darkedge updates their disguises to one of the Bishops and his aide, a Priest. They attempt to access the next section, but are turned away, even with their high-ranking disguises.

Lily and Oz assume disguises of their own and head to a nearby park, where they pretend to be mother and son so they can gather info via gossip. Lily pretends to be ill to pass off suspicion about her attire, which includes a scarf. Oz and one of the playground kids start trading "insults" - Chancey insists Oz is "stinky", while Oz is more creative with "pervert". Lily spins a tale of living nearby with the rest of a normal family while gathering intel. After hypnotizing Chancey to act friendly toward Oz, Lily learns that the inner sanctum isn't well guarded, despite the Pope being there. Oz learns the Pope may have laser eyes, then challenges a kid to climb a tree, before the other kids challenge the same kid to jump out of it. They take this as their cue to leave the park and head back.

Back at ZIHQ, the Zion hacker reaches his limit, and Barnabus takes over, smashing through all the firewalls except one. This last one requires the combined efforts of both the hacker and Barnabus to break through, but eventually they're rewarded with a short (6 seconds) glimpse of the inner sanctum itself. The room is filled with monitors and a throne, but only the Cyberpope himself seems to be inside. Their window closes, and Barnabus overloads. The Zionists start to repair the drone body as the rest of the group returns.

They all share their intel and plan what to do. The Zionists offer to take on the smaller targets while the Coldbloods focus on the larger targets. The Coldbloods pull 10k credits per person out of Alistar's funds to gear up before the battle, and the Zionists similarly prepare for the assault.

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