Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 15

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With Evil Santa now actually evil, the group approaches Vaticity, and they all go under disguise to get through a series of roadblocks. A roadblock officer looks through the folks on the bus, and Lassiter pickpockets him. They get waved through the checkpoint, and then Alistar seizes Darkedge's collar to get the illusion dropped. Darkedge had made him as ugly as he could imagine.

They arrive in a safe area and start to regroup. Oz looks up some data: Titus Optus Octavius has been Cyberpope for 117 years, and until recently, his rule has been largely without controversy. They work out that they need to replace said Cyberpope with Barnabus to protect the continued existence of the technomancer edgelords, so they need to get in touch with the Zion Insurgency to get access. To do that, they need to earn some "street cred". So after Darkedge gets the pickpocketed wallet and keys from the checkpoint officer, they split up in pairs - Lily with Oz, Alistar with Peanut, and Darkedge with Lassiter and Barnabus. While the other groups wander aimlessly, the group with Barnabus follows him as he sets off in a definite direction - they are the ones to discover sounds of conflict, and move closer to it. Lassiter moves into the middle of the conflict, while the other two watch from the sidelines. "Which of you are the Zion group?" Darkedge immediately calls the rest of the group to join them and provide backup. They do manage to get in touch with one of the Zion Insurgents. Darkedge and Barnabus go inside while Lassiter stays outside to distract local law enforcement, along with the rest of the group, who are responding to Darkedge's call.

The law enforcement agents attempt to cuff Lassiter, who lucks out of it, and then switches to berserker mode.

  • The helidrones that have moved in power up by downloading new parts
  • The clergy do nothing yet
  • The law enforcement folks attempt to attack Lassiter, but he blocks deftly
  • The hoplites form a ring around the fight, then toss up a summoned wall
  • Lassiter attacks one of the three closest, hitting one completely
  • Oz arrives on the scene, sets Lily down on a rooftop, then powers up
  • The helidrones attack Lassiter, but they all miss thanks to some very graceful dance moves
  • Lily powers up
  • The clergy move in to support the law enforcement surrounding Lassiter, one of them setting mines
  • Lassiter switches to gorgon form, then attacks the wounded guy, turning him into a statue
  • Alistar arrives on the scene with Peanut, walks past a guy as though he's supposed to be there, and then attacks everyone within 30 feet of where he ends up
  • Oz powers up, then creates a 40-foot sphere of knives to "nuke" the battlefield
  • A helidrone attacks Oz, but Alistar swaps places with him to take the hits
  • A second helidrone attacks where Alistar used to be, and Oz blocks all but one hit
  • Peanut runs into the battle, grabs a drone with her tongue, and tosses it down the street through a crowd of people
  • Lily attacks the nearest drones, but misses, so activates her ability to fly so she can catch Alistar before he hits the ground
  • A priest attacks Oz, but he dodges cleanly
  • Another attacks Lassiter, but misses
  • The hoplites attack, but Lassiter blocks
  • A centurion attacks, but Lassiter blocks
  • Lassiter attacks the nearest law enforcement officer, and crunches him to death
  • Alistar has Lily toss him at the nearest drone, while he powers up, then proceeds to attack all the drones in the air
  • Oz tasks Peanut with attacking the sole remaining clergy, while he focuses on the drones
  • The sole surviving drone attacks Oz, who dodges by dancing
  • Peanut "assaults the priest", eating him
  • Lily helps Alistar to the ground safely again, then attacks the remaining law enforcement folks
  • The two remaining law enforcers attack Lassiter, but he blocks both
  • Lassiter attacks them both, killing them
  • Alistar powers up, with a boost from Oz, then attacks the drone from the ground
  • Oz fires his Myth ray at the drone, taking it out

Meanwhile, inside, Darkedge and Barnabus start to converse with the Zion leader about taking down the Cyberpope. Darkedge gathers as much intel as possible from them before the exploding drone catches everyone's attention and they go outside. Darkedge introduces the rest of the group. The Zion leader finally introduces herself as Cassandra, and then they head off to the secret Zion HQ to regroup and get the latest intel.

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