Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 13

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We cut in on our heroes - no, wait, edgelords - meeting back up in the Holy Data Dump. Lily arrives first, panic barely contained. Alistar arrives driving a bus. An empty bus. An empty Greyhound bus. Lily gets in touch with Oz to see where he and Peanut are - they're some distance still out, driving a Mystery Machine. Lassiter arrives next, on his bike. T-posing on the seat. Because that makes sense. He's followed by a Dodge Neon with some fairly upset folks in it. Apparently, they wanted to be paid upfront... They approach after Lassiter explains what happened. After some back and forth, Alistar starts attacking them nearly passively. They chicken out real quick, and retreat to their van. Just in time to be t-boned by Oz and Peanut. Lily emphatically requests Peanut get out and shift back to herself, because a nearly naked priest and a child is a bad combination.

Sometime after finally determining the mafiosos are fully dead, Darkedge finally arrives. Some hilarity ensues. The group decides that, while they're at the dump anyway, they may as well scavenge a bit and see what they can find. We finally get a name for the hacker - Barnabus! There may or may not be any relation between this Barnabus and the other one mentioned in the other storyline. They descend into the dump to begin their search for anything they can use to plug the USB key into. Some more stylishly than the others. After some more banter, they finally begin the search. Lassiter finds the top of a police drone. Oz finds a rotary cannon. Lily starts trying to figure out how to repair the drone. Oz digs in further to pull out the remnants of various things that can help him cobble together a tank of some kind. Peanut asks if "Papa" can help, and while handling that one delicately, Lily finally notices what Oz is up to. There's some hilarity involved there, too. Then Lily pulls Lassiter, Darkedge, and Peanut into searching for more parts. They find several, but most notable is a ball base attached to the lower half of a man, which Peanut detaches from him, tossing the random man back into the pit. The ball makes its way to Oz, briefly, before Lassiter retrieves it.

Meanwhile, Oz has been building his tank, and starts to show it off to Alistar. It's fairly impressive, actually. They decide to test the gun. Lily and Peanut hit the deck, but the gun is aimed out of the dump, not toward the others. Once the dust settles, they turn back to the droid and attach the ball to the bottom. They eventually cobble together enough parts to build a droid that resembles a certain flavor of spherical droid from the last three parts of a certain well-known sci-fi series. They plug Barnabus's drive in and wait for it to power on. Once fully booted, Barnabus addresses the group with his own voice for the first time. His initial reaction is one of confusion. Lily receives a call partway through the conversation from Dariux, and wanders off to chat with him. The rest of the group chats with Barnabus for a while. When Lily returns, she lets the group know about a rebel faction in Vaticity that might help them. Barnabus lets them know about a way to get the cardinals (201!!!) out of Vaticity - if they cause enough of a disruption with "Evil Santa", it should draw them all out. Or at least most of them.

So their next stop is Electrovib Sanctuary!

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