Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 12

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Most of the group heads down the hallway to find the datacenter and plug in the USB stick. When they arrive, they stick the drive in the first server they come across, causing it to immediately shut down and come back up an ominous red as the hacker using the stick starts to take control of the systems. Oz tries to hop on the System to see how bad this is, and ends up jacking himself into the same attack. The hacker greets Oz and tells him "Good Work". Shortly after, we switch to the other group out in the main cathedral facing off against the two CyberCardinals.

  • Alistar powers up
  • The cardinals stand and power up as well
  • Peanut attacks, but the cardinal dodges, so Peanut powers up instead
  • Alistar powers up more
  • The cardinals attack; Alistar takes a heavy hit, and Peanut takes a slightly heavier one
  • Peanut attacks, but the cardinal dodges, so Peanut powers up more
  • Alistar powers up further, then attacks, doing a hefty amount of damage

Back in the data silo, Oz asks about how to power up further, and the hacker says later is better for that. Oz disconnects, then tells the others it's time to rush to help Alistar and Peanut survive this encounter. So they all take off.

  • One cardinal powers up more rather than attack Alistar; the other changes forms as well
  • Peanut slurps up her cardinal, beginning to chomp through to the center of the lollipop
  • Alistar unleashes a flood of attacks, and connects
  • The remaining cardinal tries to break free
  • Peanut chomps down, and destroys what's left of that second cardinal

Oz sees the cardinals defeated and he and Lassiter slow to wait for Lily and Darkedge to catch up. Naturally, because this is a game and there was a roll involved, Lily crashes into a wall when trying to take a corner. They note a sizable army amassing and decide it's best to leave the Cathedral rather than fight an army of unknown size and composition. They burst out of the Staff Entrance door just in time to see Peanut rip the lower half of her cardinal out of her mouth, much to their general disgust. They move to leave and spot civil protection across the street. Alistar runs over and fires off a mind lock on them, then gets hit by a car on his way back to the group. Lily sets Darkedge down to go help him move, and flies him back to the group, then they immediately decide to scatter from there. Lassiter saunters to a nearby bus stop to hide his affiliation with the group in plain sight. Alistar uses False Identity to become a slightly overweight average Joe-Shmoe. Oz flies up to the rooftops, then calls to Peanut to follow him away. Lilly flies up to the rooftops to try to look like an angel. Darkedge and Alistar hop on the same city bus as Lassiter.

The folks on the rooftops get spotted by the helidrones moving in, and attacked.

  • Oz uses his classic knife sphere to attack two of the drones, connecting with one
  • The 3 drones power up, and hatch 3 mini-drones each
  • Lily attacks all twelve drones - only 3 of the babies escape unscathed
  • Peanut attacks a drone, but misses, grabbing a passing bird instead
  • Oz powers up a bit, then Reality Slices at all six remaining, leaving one of each size unscathed
  • The remaining drones open fire - Oz dodges, Lily and Peanut get hit, but Peanut Aids, absorbing the entire attack
  • Lily, from the safety of Peanut's underside, pulls in her Blood Implosion on the main drones
  • Peanut rises, and attacks one of the remaining drones, pulling herself in to start tearing it apart; the baby drone drifts off and crashes into a roof nearby
  • Oz powers up further, then Realty Slices 1 of the 2 remaining drones, destroying it
  • The last drone opens fire on Oz, who dodges
  • Lily attacks the last drone, taking it out

The three at the bus stop note the wreckage and aftermath, and decide it's time to scatter. They'll meet up again later. Peanut finds a moment to transform in a subway. They choose to regroup in the Holy Data Dump. Only a few shenanigans ensue in the process of getting there.

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