Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 11

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We pick up still in the bar (Evan's mic wasn't being streamed, so there will be some details missing...), where Lassiter wins a USB drive. He takes it to the rest of the group to determine what's on it. They decide to check it out on a laptop that Alistar has in his limo. Alistar retrieves his credit card from Oz, with some arguing between the two. The bartender tries to intervene, and Alistar removes her head for her trouble. The crowded bar starts to empty as everyone runs screaming. They split up for safety's sake.

Darkedge hides at the scene of the crime, answering questions in a way that will keep the authorities off the group's trail. Alistar hides somewhere in the city, eating at an Olive Garden. Oz flies to the highest point in the city, atop the Cathedral of Data Mining. Lily, Lassiter, and Peanut (still wearing the body of "that asshole Todd") find a small cafe to sit at and plug in the USB stick. It resets the entire laptop to be a communications portal for an unknown third party trying to take down the Cyberpapacy. The third party asks them to plug the USB stick into the Cyberpapacy's data center in the Cathedral, in exchange for access to the Cyberpope himself. Lily coordinates a bit with Alistar before getting the full details of the job. Then the laptop itself gets shut off remotely - after the person at the other end informs them the laptop will never be useful as a laptop ever again. They proceed to the Olive Garden to meet up with Alistar.

Oz, meanwhile, slips inside the Cathedral and looks around, trying to get the lay of the land. He looks at the various clergy, sizing them up, as he heads to the torch in the center of the building. He watches the flames for a while, checking his peripheral vision for any doors or such that stand out, finding one where there are a lot of folks standing guard. Lily calls him about then, to try to sync up, but Oz is interrupted by one of the Clergy. He is taken into the guarded door while Lily is still connected, leading the others to panic and rush to the Cathedral to save him, or at least back him up. (Darkedge, meanwhile, is still being questioned by the police, and nobody thinks to actually contact him, each assuming the others have already done so.)

Back at the Cathedral, Oz is being questioned. The clergy try to look him up, to verify his claims, and try to reconnect him with his family. The investigation doesn't go too far.

The others arrive and start searching for Oz among the crowds. Alistar finds himself unable to make any headway by talking to the clergy, but Oz texts about then to let them all know where he is and how to get there. Of course, Oz isn't exactly helpless himself, so when things turn scary, he teleports out of the room he's in and down the hallway back toward the main room. The clergy attack!

  • Alistar zips over to Oz and powers up with Future Sense
  • Oz powers up a few different ways
  • Lassiter mutates into a gorgon
  • Lily powers up a couple of ways
  • The clergy and Peanut take their turns, while civilians flee (but without Evan's audio, the details are lost to time)
  • Alistar moves slightly to be in a better position to attack, then cyclones as many folks as he can reach
  • Oz powers up more, again in several ways, then flies up above the action
  • Lassiter runs through a crowd of clergy, attacking them all
  • Lily moves and attacks a large group of her own
  • The clergy and Peanut take their turns, while civilians flee
  • Alistar lashes out against as many folks as he can reach, civilians included
  • Oz shares his amps with Lily, making her terrifying
  • Lassiter crunches one of his attackers, holding them from escaping
  • Lily makes a flood of attacks against the Bishop, with her increased force behind her, turning him to mist
  • The remaining clergy and Peanut take their turns, as civilians flee
  • Alistar unleashes a cyclone attack on everyone in range
  • Oz calls Darkedge to come join the others at the Cathedral, then attacks a huddle of clergy with a sphere of knives
  • Lassiter obliterates one of the clergy, showing off a bit
  • Lily wipes out several clergy, one lucky one managing to barely survive and flee
  • The clergy and Peanut go next, while civilians flee
  • Alistar catches up to the fleeing clergy, but doesn't manage to connect a blow, letting the sole survivor flee
  • Lassiter destroys the last remaining clergy

The battle won, Alistar heads back inside the Cathedral to rejoin the others. Everyone spends some time healing and otherwise recovering. Alistar picks off any remaining civilians, while Lily brings Oz up to date. Oz gives Alistar's credit card to Lassiter. That's when two CyberCardinals arrive, crashing through the ceiling, right as Darkedge arrives through the entry. Alistar and Peanut stay to handle the Cardinals, while the others dash down the hallway to see what they can do with the USB stick.

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