Worlds of Myth RPG/Operation: Coldblood/Recaps/Session 10

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We start at the end of the shopping spree at the Edgelord Sears. Darkedge comes out of the dressing rooms looking exactly the same as he went in (though he did get his stuff upgraded). Alistar comes out wearing a purple tux, frillier and lacier than the last one, with a fashionable pocket watch. Dragged behind him is Gus, dressed as a poodle. Dariux whistles, and Darkedge grumbles under his breath. A golden tricycle rolls out of the store, followed by Lassiter 28 seconds later, complete with golden nails and green hair extensions, and a leather jacket with a moving snake on the back. "It took a lot of money to look this cheap!" Gus then switches clothing to "a free-flowing poet's shirt, some spectacles, and comfortable shoes". Lily leaves the dressing room with her entire wardrobe upgraded (that is, better armored) and more revealing than before. Oz eventually decides, upon advice to "listen to your heart", on a new sweater and hooded jacket, with the old sweater tied around his waist. In addition, he has added some bracelets that grant him access to both holy and shadow magic. Finally, Peanut emerges from a dressing room with a fire engine door (the only room they had large enough to hold her), who has upgraded her mobility with mech armor, plus a bit of additional color in her own hair.

The shopping spree completed, they turn to their next steps - crossing the border into the Cyberpapacy, which will take some doing as the Cyberpope has closed the borders to all Edgelords. They argue for a bit over whether to take on the services of the Mole Pirates or the Catapult, and ultimately decide the Mole Pirates are a safer bet. There's some discussion on payment, and who/what all is crossing, during which "that asshole Todd" gets eaten so Peanut can assume his form. Eventually, they argue their way to 150,000 credits, then board the drillship. It drops them off in a subway system under a city outside the Cathedral of Data Mining. Peanut carries the limo to the nearest subway platform, then up to the streets.

They go to the nearest bar. It takes some finagling to get Oz through the door, but they eventually manage, through careful application of Mind Lock. Alistar and Gus converse for a while as the former tries to convince the latter that he's more a monster than he's willing to admit, a conversation also involving a Mind Lock. Meanwhile, at the bar, Lily and Oz discuss why everything feels unusual, while Lassiter orders the largest container of cheap liquor the bar has, then wanders off to the nearest gambling machine. The conversation turns to how the fight against the Hotbloods will affect Oz's and Joe's friendship, and Alistar crashes into it to steer things into his own favor.

Eventually, they arrive at the plan - first address the closing of the borders, then ensure Anton is properly converted and revived, then wait for the Hotbloods to arrive so they can fight each other. Alistar expresses some concern about whether that last bit will actually happen, and Oz assuages it. So to find the Cyberpope, they decide to start in the Cathedral itself.

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